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SentryHC Hot Spot Skin Remedy

This page contains information on SentryHC Hot Spot Skin Remedy for veterinary use.
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Sentryhc Hot Spot Skin Remedy

This treatment applies to the following species:
Manufacturer: Sergeant’s

For Dogs & Puppies

Signs Of Hot Spots Include

- Reddened area

- Hair loss

- Intense itching

No Sting Formula

Sentry®hc Hot Spot Skin Remedy For Dogs And Puppies Is Formulated To Be Effective For Skin Irritations. Specifically Kills staphylococcus intermedius bacteria. Hot Spots In Dogs Are Commonly Associated With staphylococcus intermedius. Kills Topical Bacteria, Fungus And Viruses. Sentry®hc Hot Spot Skin Remedy Is Indicated For Superficial Cuts, Scrapes, And Abrasions. Best Of All, Sentry®hc Hot Spot Skin Remedy Contains No Alcohol And Is A Non-stinging Formula.

signs Of Hot Spots

Hot spots are usually accompanied by incessant rubbing, scratching, and biting due to intense itching. Other signs are moist reddened areas, hair loss, and flaky skin. Hot spots are usually warm to the touch.

General Precautions

Consult veterinarian if any problems persist or are of concern.

Directions For Use

Trim the hair around the sore. Wash the area with mild soap and water, rinse, and pat dry. Apply Sentry®HC Hot Spot Skin Remedy to affected area using the applicator tip. Does not require dabbing on with a cotton ball. Do not use on puppies under 6 weeks of age.

Active Ingredient

Benzalkonium Chloride


Sentry is committed to providing high quality products. If you have questions or comments about this product, please write: Sentry Consumer Response, P.O. Box 540399, Omaha, NE 68154-0399.

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Distributed by: Sergeant’s Pet Care Products, Inc., Omaha, NE 68130

In Case of Emergency, call: 1-800-781-4738

Non-Emergency, call: 1-800-224-PETS (7387)



4 fl oz (118 g)

P001889-1, AHAV P001888-1

Nac No.


P.O. BOX 540399, OMAHA, NE, 68154-0399
Telephone:   402-938-7000
Clinical Inquiries: Regulatory Manager:   402-938-7065
Fax:   402-938-7165
Customer Service:   800-224-7387
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