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Respavir PMH SQ

This page contains information on Respavir PMH SQ for veterinary use.
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Respavir PMH SQ

This treatment applies to the following species:
Company: Intervet/Merck Animal Health

Mannheimia Haemolytica-Pasteurella Multocida Vaccine, Avirulent Live Culture

Respavir PMH SQ Indications

Respavir™ PMH SQ vaccine is for the vaccination of healthy cattle 2 months of age and older, as an aid in the reduction of pneumonia caused by Mannheimia haemolytica and Pasteurella multocida.

Administration and Dosage: For use in healthy cattle. Transfer entire contents of diluent vial to vaccine vial, using aseptic technique and sterile syringes and needles. Inject 2 mL subcutaneously into each animal using aseptic technique. Although only a single dose is necessary to confer active immunity, a booster dose is recommended. Healthy cattle should be vaccinated a minimum of 21 days prior to shipping or exposure to stress which may precipitate infectious conditions.

Respavir PMH SQ Caution

For veterinary use only. Store at 35°-45°F (2°-7°C). Prolonged exposure to higher temperatures may adversely affect potency. Use entire contents when first opened. Do not use chemical disinfectants to sterilize syringes or needles. Burn container and all unused contents. Do not vaccinate within 21 days before slaughter. In case of anaphylactoid reaction, administer epinephrine.

Precaution: This product has been shown to meet all Federal standards for safety and efficacy. This level of performance may be affected by conditions of use such as stress, weather, nutrition, disease, parasitism, antibiotic treatment, individual idiosyncrasies or impaired immunological competency. These factors should be considered by the user when evaluating product performance or freedom from reactions.

Intervet Inc., Omaha, NE 68103 USA

U.S. Veterinary License No. 165A

1 800 521-5767 (USA)

U.S. Patent Nos. 6,331,303 B1 & 7,351,416 B2





10 Doses

Rehydrate to 20 mL with accompanying diluent



50 Doses

Rehydrate to 100 mL with accompanying diluent



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