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ReFresh Iodine Teat Dip (1.00%)

This page contains information on ReFresh Iodine Teat Dip (1.00%) for veterinary use.
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ReFresh Iodine Teat Dip (1.00%)

This treatment applies to the following species:
Manufacturer: Metz

Post Milking Teat Dip

Active Ingredient(s):


1.00% w/w

(Provides 1.00% titratable iodine. Equivalent to 10,000 parts per million titratable iodine.)



Minimum pH


ReFresh Iodine Teat Dip (1.00%) Indications

An aid in controlling the spread of bacteria that may cause mastitis.

Directions For Use

As a Post-Dip: Immediately after milker is removed, dip or spray the teats with undiluted product. If the cow will be returned to a below freezing temperature environment allow the teat dip to dry before discharging her from the milking area. Immediately before the next milking wash and/or pre-dip the teats and udder.

Caution(s): Do not use for cleaning or sanitizing milking equipment.

Warning(s): Harmful if swallowed. If swallowed, drink large quantities of milk or water and induce vomiting. Call a physician immediately. Will irritate eyes and mucous membranes. Flush gently with large amounts of water and see a physician immediately.

Avoid contact with food.

Keep out of the reach of children.

Patent No 5 534,266 and patent pending
Patent No. 5720984

Presentation: 5 gallon, 15 gallon, 30 gallon, and 55 gallon.

NAC No.: 10190080

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