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RECOMBITEK Canine Parvo + Corona-MLV

This page contains information on RECOMBITEK Canine Parvo + Corona-MLV for veterinary use.
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RECOMBITEK Canine Parvo + Corona-MLV

This treatment applies to the following species:
Manufacturer: Merial

Canine Coronavirus-Parvovirus Vaccine

Modified Live Virus



DESCRIPTION: RECOMBITEK® Canine Parvo + Corona-MLV contains a lyophilized suspension of modified live canine coronavirus plus a liquid suspension canine parvovirus, each propagated in a stable cell line. Safety and efficacy of this product have been demonstrated by vaccination and challenge tests.

INDICATIONS: RECOMBITEK® Canine Parvo + Corona-MLV is recommended for the vaccination of healthy dogs 6 weeks of age and older for prevention of disease due to canine coronavirus and canine parvovirus.

DOSAGE: Reconstitute the lyophilized vaccine with accompanying liquid diluent and aseptically inject 1 mL (1 dose) subcutaneously or intramuscularly into healthy dogs. For primary vaccination, revaccinate with a second 1 mL dose 2 to 3 weeks later. Dogs younger than 12 weeks of age should be revaccinated with a single 1 mL dose every 2 to 3 weeks, the last dose given at or over 12 weeks of age. Revaccinate annually with a single 1 mL dose.

PRECAUTIONS: Store at 2-7°C (35-45°F). Use immediately after reconstitution. Do not use chemicals to sterilize syringes and needles. Burn container and all unused contents. Contains gentamicin as a preservative. It is generally recommended to avoid vaccination of pregnant dogs. In rare instances, administration of vaccines may cause lethargy, fever, and inflammatory or hypersensitivity types of reactions. Treatment may include antihistamines, anti-inflammatories, and/or epinephrine.


For Veterinary Use Only.

RECOMBITEK is a registered trademark of MERIAL.

Manufactured By MERIAL INC., Athens, GA 30601 USA

U.S. Vet. Lic. No. 298

1-888-Merial-1 (1-888-637-4251)

Distributed In Canada By MERIAL CANADA, INC., Baie d’Urfé, Qc, H9X 3V1, Canada



Prod. No.


25 Doses

25 x 1 Dose, Lyophilized

25 x 1 Dose (1 mL), Liquid



NAC No.: 11110032

Merial is now part of Boehringer Ingelheim

Telephone:   888-637-4251
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