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Rabies Rapid Screen

This page contains information on Rabies Rapid Screen for veterinary use.
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Rabies Rapid Screen

This treatment applies to the following species:
Manufacturer: Dyne Immune

Test to detect the presence of Rabies Virus

-yes/no results in 35 minutes

-user friendly

-suitable for field work

-single sample use

Not for Human Use

Each Kit Contains:

5 linear flow cassettes with antibody

5 Sterile cotton swabs

5 Transfer pipettes

5 Aliquots of buffer

1 Directions for use


Test: 42000-13Feb09

Buffer: 42010-23Feb09

Rabies Rapid Screen Caution

Wear gloves and eye protection at all times.

1. Open pouch and check that the desiccant is blue. If it is pink, do not use test.

2. Thoroughly swab for saliva using the cotton swab provided.

3. Place saliva swab in the pre-measured buffer vial provided and allow it to soak for 15 minutes.

4. Squeeze as much sample as possible from the cotton swab by pressing and rotating it against the side of the buffer vial.

5. Fill the pipette to the first calibration line (100µl) with saliva/buffer mix and dispense into the sample well (S).

6. Read test results after 20 minutes.

Negative- both C and T lines present

Positive- C line present; T line absent

Invalid- no C line; repeat test

Negative Result-there is no guarantee that rabies is absent at the time the sample is screened

Positive Result-rabies is most likely present; it is a clear indication for concern and indicates a need for caution and further testing

This test is for animal use only-not for use on humans

Results are not quantitative. Operators must wear gloves and eye protection, be immunized for rabies, trained to work with rabid animals and follow all national, state and local laws regarding the handling and testing of all animals possibly exposed to the rabies virus.

Store at Room Temperature

Technical Support: Michael A. Huchital, Ph.D.


Presentation: The Rapid™ Rabies Screen comes in a 3” x 6” container, weighs only a few ounces and is designed to be used in the field. This allows samples to be tested immediately without storage or transport. Test swabs are provided along with buffer and strips. Each package can perform 5 individual screens.

NAC No.: 14190000

11 QUIET CREEK, SUITE 40, Florence, KY, 41042
Telephone:   845-665-3160
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