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This treatment applies to the following species:
Manufacturer: Zoetis

NDC 0009-3267-03

penicillin-dihydrostreptomycin in oil

Bovine Mastitis Prevention and Control in Dry Cows


Each 10 mL PLASTET® Disposable Syringe contains 1,000,000 units of Procaine Penicillin G micronized, and 1 gram of Dihydrostreptomycin base, as Dihydrostreptomycin Sulfate, in an extended action base consisting of 1% w/v Hydrogenated Peanut Oil, 3% w/v Aluminum Monostearate, and Peanut Oil, q.s. Manufactured by a non-sterilizing process.


Infusion of antibiotics at the start of the drying off period has the following advantages: (1) it is active against existing infections; (2) it is prophylactic against new infections, during the time when cattle are likely to become infected [1]; (3) the antibiotic remains in the udder for a sufficiently long period to accomplish the intended objective and is not diluted with milk, as is the case in lactation therapy; (4) the danger of drug residues in the milk is reduced.

Antibiotic control is to be considered an adjunct to good herd hygiene management and milking management. Detailed field studies in England and the United States have demonstrated that a program consisting of treatment, at the time of drying off, with a highly effective antibiotic preparation in a slow-release base, and routine dipping of teats after each milking with an effective disinfectant, markedly reduces the incidence of all udder infections at calving [2,3,4].

It has recently been recommended that a disinfectant teat dip be used on unmilked cows, or at least be used for 10 days before parturition [5], to reduce the bacterial challenge to the depleted levels of antibiotic in the teat as freshening is approached [6].

When the herd infection level has been reduced, or when herds are not heavily infected initially, it may be desirable to be selective in treating dry quarters [7]

Quartermaster Indications:

For intramammary use to reduce the frequency of existing infection and to prevent new infections with Staphylococcus aureus in dry cows.

Directions For Using The Flexi-tube® system

The FLEXI-TUBE is designed to provide the choice of either insertion of the full cannula, as has traditionally been practiced, or insertion of no more than 1/8 inch of the cannula, as recommended by the National Mastitis Council.

a. Full Insertion: Remove the white end cap by pulling straight up as shown. Gently insert the full cannula into the teat canal; carefully infuse the product.

b. Partial Insertion: Remove both the white end cap and the red cannula by pushing sideways as shown. Gently insert the exposed white tip into the teat canal; carefully infuse the product.

Directions For Use:

At the last milking prior to drying off, completely milk out cow. Warm the syringe containing Quartermaster Suspension to body temperature; choose the desired insertion length (full or partial) and insert tip into teat canal; slowly infuse the entire contents. Instill the contents of one syringe into each quarter. Discard the syringe after use. Treated teats should then be dipped into an effective teat dip. The teat or quarter should not be manipulated again until the cow freshens. To achieve and maintain a lower frequency of infection, proper dipping of teats during lactation is recommended. Shake vigorously for 10 seconds immediately before using.


For udder instillation upon drying off only. Not to be used within six (6) weeks of freshening. Not for use in lactating cows. Milk taken from animals within 96 hours (8 milkings) after calving must not be used for food. Animals infused with this product must not be slaughtered for food within 60 days from time of infusion nor within 96 hours after calving.

Quartermaster Caution:

Federal law restricts this drug to use by or on the order of a licensed veterinarian.

Storage Conditions:

Store at controlled room temperature 20° to 25°C (68° to 77°F) [see USP].

How Supplied:

Quartermaster Suspension is supplied in packers containing 12-10 mL (.33 Fl Oz) PLASTET Disposable Syringes with 12 convenient single-use isopropyl alcohol pads NDC 0009-3267-03.

Attention Doctor:

It is your responsibility to inform your clients of the warnings stated above so as to avoid adulteration of meat or milk and possible prosecution under Federal law.

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[6] Feagan, J.T.; Hehir, A.F.; & White, B.R., The Effectiveness in Control of Mastitis of Iodine as a Post Milking Teat Dip, AUSTRALIAN JOURNAL OF DAIRY TECHNOLOGY 25: 87-90, 1970.

[7] Supplement to Current Concepts of Bovine Mastitis. The National Mastitis Council Inc., Washington, D.C. 22003, 1972, page 7.

NADA 055-028, Approved by FDA

Manufactured for Pharmacia & Upjohn Company, Kalamazoo, Michigan 49001, USA.

By West Agro, Inc. Hamilton, New York 13346

Quartermaster is a trademark of West Agro, Inc.

Revised September 1996

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