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ProSystem TREC

This page contains information on ProSystem TREC for veterinary use.
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ProSystem TREC

This treatment applies to the following species:
Company: Intervet/Merck Animal Health

Porcine Rotavirus-Transmissible Gastroenteritis Vaccine

Modified Live Virus

Clostridium Perfringens Type C-Escherichia Coli Bacterin-Toxoid

ProSystem TREC Indications

This product contains two major Rotavirus serotypes, Transmissible Gastroenteritis Virus (TGE), four major Escherichia coli antigens (K88, K99, F41 and 987P) and Clostridium perfringens Type C toxoid. When used to vaccinate healthy pregnant swine, the Rotavirus, TGE, E. coli K88, K99, F41 antigens and Clostridium perfringens Type C toxoid aid in the prevention of rotaviral diarrhea, transmissible gastroenteritis, enterotoxemia and colibacillosis in their nursing piglets. Additionally, the E. coli 987P antigen aids in the prevention of mortality and reduction of clinical disease caused by this serotype in nursing piglets.

DOSAGE AND DIRECTIONS: To be used as a booster following priming with ProSystem® TGE/Rota and ProSystem® CE. Refer to those products for dosage and directions.

Intramuscular (IM) Vaccination: Reconstitute the enclosed ProSystem TGE/Rota with the enclosed ProSystem CE. Shake well. Inject one 2mL dose IM to pregnant sows and gilts at 5 weeks and 2 weeks prior to farrowing.

Alternate Dosage: Inject one 2mL dose IM 1 week prior to farrowing.

Subsequent Farrowings: Administer one 2mL dose IM 2 weeks prior to farrowing.

ProSystem TREC Caution

Store in the dark at 2° to 7°C (35° to 45°F). Do not freeze. Use immediately after reconstitution; do not save partial contents. Burn the virus container and all unused contents. Use only in healthy pregnant swine. Do not vaccinate within 21 days of slaughter. Conditions which interfere with lactation adversely affect immunity in baby pigs. If allergic reaction occurs treat with epinephrine. Contains gentamicin, polymyxin B and thimerosal as preservatives.


Intervet Inc., Merck Animal Health, division of Intervet Inc., Omaha, NE 68103, USA

U.S. Vet Lic. No 165A

1 800 521-5767

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10 doses

20 mL



CPN: 1047366.3

Intervet Inc.

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Order Desk:   800-648-2118
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