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Pellitol Ointment

This page contains information on Pellitol Ointment for veterinary use.
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Pellitol Ointment

This treatment applies to the following species:
Manufacturer: Veterinary Specialties


Active Ingredient(s)

Contains: Resorcinol, 5%; bismuth subgallate, 1%; bismuth subnitrate, 9%; zinc oxide, 17%; calamine, 10%; juniper tar, 1%.

Pellitol Ointment Indications

For use on domestic animals as an aid in the treatment of minor wounds, abrasions, and inflammation of the external ear canal. PELLITOL® Ointment forms a protective coating and helps reduce pain, irritation and itching.

Directions For Use

Apply a layer of PELLITOL® Ointment, approximately one-eighth inch thick, over the affected area once or twice daily. Cover with a bandage, if possible.

Ears should be checked for the presence of foreign bodies and/or parasites and treated as necessary before application of PELLITOL® Ointment. Attach applicator to tube and gently insert into the ear canal. Continually apply pressure to the tube as applicator is withdrawn from the ear canal. Apply a layer of PELLITOL® Ointment over any existing lesions on the outer surface of the ear. Repeat the application once or twice daily.


Do not use in eyes. Keep out of reach of children.


One dozen tubes with each tube containing 1 ounce (28.35 g) of medication. Each tube will be packaged in an individual carton.

Nac No.

P.O. BOX 270778, FORT COLLINS, CO, 80527-0778
Toll-Free:   888-838-7732
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