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Oxyvet 100 LP (Canada)

This page contains information on Oxyvet 100 LP for veterinary use.
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Oxyvet 100 LP

This treatment applies to the following species:
Company: Vetoquinol

Oxytetracycline Hydrochloride

Sterile Injectable Solution

DIN 02184664

Veterinary Use Only



OXYVET 100 LP is a sterile, clear, stable aqueous solution containing 100 mg/mL of oxytetracycline hydrochloride for intravenous or intramuscular administration. It also contains 5 mg/mL of benzyl alcohol as a preservative.

Absorption And Excretion

By intravenous injection, immediate therapeutic blood levels are achieved. By intramuscular injection, therapeutic levels are achieved within 2 hours. These levels persist for 24 hours or longer. Further, oxytetracycline diffuses readily into the tissues, so that high concentrations are found in the lungs and mammary gland, as well as in the urine, feces and milk. For this reason, parenteral therapy is ideally suited in the treatment of pneumonia, enteritis, mastitis and many other systemic conditions.

OXYVET 100 LP offers:

1. Broad-spectrum activity for clinical efficacy where narrow spectrum antibiotics fail.

2. Product can be used in lactating dairy cattle.

3. Pain at injection site is minimized.

4. Viscosity and syringeability are satisfactory at both 5°C and 24°C.

Oxyvet 100 LP Indications

OXYVET 100 LP is indicated in the treatment of all infections caused by oxytetracycline susceptible bacteria in cattle, swine and sheep.


Bacterial pneumonia, pasteurellosis (associated with shipping fever complex), mastitis, metritis, calf scours (bacterial enteritis), foot rot, navel ill, calf diphtheria, leptospirosis, black leg/malignant edema, peritonitis and joint ill.


Erysipelas, bacterial enteritis, leptospirosis, metritis, mastitis and bacterial pneumonia.


Bacterial pneumonia, pasteurellosis, mastitis, metritis and joint ill.

Oxyvet 100 LP Dosage And Administration

OXYVET 100 LP should be warmed to body temperature prior to administration. Administer by intramuscular or intravenous injection at the rate of 3 mL per 45 kg of body weight once daily for 2 to 3 days. Higher blood levels can be achieved following intravenous administration of this dosage.

Bacterial enteritis (scours) in nursing pigs:

As an aid in the prevention of bacterial enteritis (scours) in nursing pigs, inject the sow intramuscularly at the rate of 3 mL per 45 kg of body weight when clinical signs of scours are first noticed.

Oxyvet 100 LP Cautions

- Do not inject more than 20 mL of OXYVET 100 LP at one injection site. In lactating dairy cattle, no more than 10 mL should be injected intramuscularly at one injection site.

- Occasional sensitivity reactions have been observed following the parenteral administration of oxytetracycline. If such adverse reactions occur, discontinue use of the drug immediately. Epinephrine solution given intramuscularly is indicated.

- For intravenous administration, OXYVET 100 LP should be diluted with isotonic saline, dextrose or similar solutions. For this, use 25 mL OXYVET 100 LP for each 100 mL or more of diluent and administer slowly.

- Shock can occur occasionally as a result of rapid intravenous injection.


In lactating dairy cattle, no more than 10 mL should be injected intramuscularly at one injection site. Treated animals must not be slaughtered for use in food for at least 18 days after the latest treatment with this drug. Milk taken from treated animals during treatment and within 72 hours after the latest treatment must not be used as food.

Keep out of reach of children.


Store between 15°C and 25°C. Protect from light.


OXYVET 100 LP is packed in 250 mL (code 25656) and 500 mL (code 25657) vials.

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