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Ovassay Plus

This page contains information on Ovassay Plus for veterinary use.
The information provided typically includes the following:
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Ovassay Plus

This treatment applies to the following species:
Company: Zoetis

How to Collect a stool sample

1. Remove insert.

Note the little cup-like area which forms the bottom of the insert.

2. Fill small end by pressing it into stool. Loose stools may need to be scooped into the small end of insert.

3. Place loaded insert back into the device. Close the leakproof cap.

Write pet’s name on the cap and return loaded device to your veterinarian.

Importance of regular OVASSAY® Plus fecal examinations:

Fecal analysis of stool from the puppy and kitten, and periodic exams in the adult, are important for your pet’s health. Intestinal parasites may cause vague signs of illness or even threaten your pet’s life!

How can my pet get parasites?

Depending upon the type of parasite, infection may be transmitted from the mother, from contact with infected feces, soil or water, or, in the case of tapeworms, from fleas.

Analyzing the Fecal Sample

1. With the filled insert in place, add OVASSAY® Plus Zinc Sulfate Solution until fluid level reaches about half way up the device.

2. Mix thoroughly by rotating the insert. This separates eggs and cysts from fecal sample.

3. With the bottom edge of the cap, apply pressure on the insert until it is firmly seated in the device.

4. Carefully fill the device to the brim with flotation solution. Form a meniscus.

5. Place a cover slip on the meniscus for 5 minutes.

6. Then transfer cover slip to slide for microscopic examination. Close the cap tightly for easy disposal.

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OVA-CA 11/95-10M

Presentation: 50 tests per kit.

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