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Nolvasan Cap-Tabs

This page contains information on Nolvasan Cap-Tabs for veterinary use.
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Nolvasan Cap-Tabs

This treatment applies to the following species:
Manufacturer: Zoetis



NADA 009-809, Approved by FDA

Each Cap-Tab contains 1 g chlorhexidine hydrochloride incorporated in an effervescent base.

For Use in Horses Only

Keep Out of Reach of Children.

ADMINISTRATION: Unattached placental membranes and any excess uterine fluid or debris should be removed from the uterus. The external genitalia should be carefully cleaned and 1 or 2 Cap-Tabs placed deep into each uterine horn. The operator should wear a clean obstetrical sleeve while inserting the Cap-Tabs into the uterus so that no contamination is introduced.

In a uterus which contains little or no uterine fluid, the effervescent Cap-Tab may cause some localized irritation. For treatment of such a uterus, or where the cervix is tightly constricted, the Cap-Tab should be dissolved in an appropriate amount of clean, boiled water and the solution infused into the uterus using a clean, sterile catheter. Treatment may be repeated in 48 to 72 hours.

Store at controlled room temperature 15° to 30°C (59° to 86°F).

INDICATION: For prevention or treatment of metritis anld vaginitis in mares when caused by pathogens sensitive to chlorhexidine hydrochloride.


Not for use in horses intended for food.

Nolvasan Cap-Tabs Caution

Keep bottle tightly closed to avoid deterioration by moisture or heat.

NDC 0856-1551-01 - 50 Cap-Tabs

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