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New Bronz (Canada)

This page contains information on New Bronz for veterinary use.
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New Bronz

This treatment applies to the following species:
Manufacturer: Zoetis

Newcastle-Bronchitis Vaccine

Mass. Type, Killed Virus

For Veterinary Use Only

Store in dark between 2° and 7°C.

Protect from freezing.

Warm to 22°C and shake well before using.

Use entire contents when first opened.

Burn vaccine container and all unused contents.


New Bronz is a highly antigenic, chemically inactivated suspension of Newcastle disease virus and infectious bronchitis virus, emulsified with an oil adjuvant.

It is recommended for the revaccination of healthy chickens 3 weeks of age or older as an aid in the prevention of Newcastle disease and infectious bronchitis, Massachusetts type. In primed pullets, a single dose between 16 and 22 weeks (approximately 4 weeks prior to lay) is indicated. It is essential for best protection to prime the birds at least once with live virus Newcastle Bronchitis Vaccine, Massachusetts Type.

Administration And Dosage

The dose of New Bronz is 0.5 mL and it may be given intramuscularly or subcutaneously.

Intramuscular Administration

Only recommended for birds over 10 weeks of age. Vaccinate intramuscularly in the breast muscle using a sterile syringe and sterile needles. Inject 0.5 mL in the thickest part of the muscle avoiding all bone structures.

Subcutaneous Administration

The subcutaneous method is recommended for chickens between 3 weeks of age and 4 weeks prior to the onset of egg production. Vaccinate subcutaneously with 0.5 mL in the back of the neck, using a sterile syringe and sterile needles at a point midway between the bird's head and the base of the neck.

Injecting Vaccine

Lift the skin at the vaccination site with the thumb and forefinger. Insert the needle just under the skin in a direction toward the base of the neck (away from the head). The needle should enter the skin in a straight line with the neck.

Where The Vaccine Should Be Deposited

Following this recommended vaccination procedure will ensure deposit of the vaccine in the proper location on the back of the neck and just under the skin. Do not inject intradermally or into the muscle tissue of the neck or into the cervical vertebrae or at the base of the head.

Subcutaneous vaccination must be given carefully for these reasons:

1) if the vaccine is given too close to the head or intradermally, excessive swelling may occur in the head region or at the injection site.

2) if the vaccine is injected in the musculature of the neck, damage to the neck muscles may interfere with eating and drinking.

New Bronz Caution

As with any oil emulsion product, post-vaccination reactions may occur. These may include swelling at the site of injection, granulomas at the site of injection (which may cause processing plant condemnations), stiff necks, swollen heads, transient inappetence, and dehydration. Such reactions may be aggravated by improper vaccination techniques. As with any vaccination, further complications may result from the stress of handling or moving birds following vaccination.

Do not vaccinate birds while they are in egg production.

Do not vaccinate birds under 10 weeks of age by the intramuscular route of administration.

This product should be stored, transported and administered in accordance with the instructions and directions.

Contains gentamicin as a preservative.


Accidental injection of this vaccine into a human may cause a serious localized reaction.

Expert medical advice should be sought at once informing medical personnel that the vaccine is an oil emulsion type.

Do not vaccinate within 42 days before slaughter.


Keep a record of vaccine serial number and expiration date; date of receipt and date of vaccination; where vaccination took place; any reactions observed.


Manufactured by Fort Dodge Animal Health, Fort Dodge, Iowa 50501 U.S.A.

U.S. Vet. License No. 112

Trademarks used under license

Distributed in Canada by Wyeth Animal Health, Division of Wyeth Canada, Guelph, Ontario, Canada


Presentation: 1,000 doses (500 mL).

NAC No.: 1198383.1

Order Desk:   800-663-8888
Technical Services Canada:   800-461-0917
Technical Services USA:   800-366-5288
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