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Neo-Terramycin 100/50D

This page contains information on Neo-Terramycin 100/50D for veterinary use.
The information provided typically includes the following:
  • Neo-Terramycin 100/50D Indications
  • Warnings and cautions for Neo-Terramycin 100/50D
  • Direction and dosage information for Neo-Terramycin 100/50D

Neo-terramycin 100/50d

This treatment applies to the following species:
Manufacturer: Phibro


Type A Medicated Article

(antibiotic Premix)

Active Drug Ingredients

Oxytetracycline (from oxytetracycline dihydrate)
equivalent to oxytetracycline hydrochloride (Terramycin®)

50 g/lb

Neomycin base from neomycin sulfate

100 g/lb

Neo-Terramycin 100/50D Caution

For use in manufacturing medicated animal feeds only.

Neo-Terramycin 100/50D Caution

Certain components of animal feeds, including medicated premixes, possess properties that may be a potential health hazard or a source of personal discomfort to certain individuals who are exposed to them. Human exposure should, therefore, be minimized by observing the general industry standards for occupational health and safety.

Precautions such as the following should be considered: dust masks or respirators and protective clothing should be worn; dust-arresting equipment and adequate ventilation should be utilized; personal hygiene should be observed; wash before eating or leaving a work site; be alert for signs of allergic reactions-seek prompt medical treatment if such reactions are suspected.

Mixing And Use Directions

Mix Neo-Terramycin 100/50D with nonmedicated milk replacer to provide the following dosages:

Neo-Terramycin 100/50D Indications For Use

Calves (milk Replacer)


Neomycin(1) Base

Lb Of Neo-terramycin(2)

Aid in the prevention of bacterial enteritis (scours)

50-100 mg/gal

100-200 mg/gal


Aid in the treatment of bacterial enteritis (scours)

100-200 mg/gal

200-400 mg/gal


Baby Pigs (milk Replacer)

Aid in the prevention of bacterial enteritis (scours)

50 g/ton

100 g/ton


Aid in the treatment of bacterial enteritis (scours)

50-70 g/ton

100-140 g/ton


(1) The dosage in calves is expressed in mg/gallon of reconstituted milk replacer whereas in baby pigs the dosage is expressed in g/ton of dry milk replacer.

(2) Mixing directions for calves are for example only and are based on mixing 1 lb of dry milk replacer with 1 gallon of water.

Warning: In Calves Withdraw From Feed 30 Days Prior To Slaughter. In Pigs Withdraw From Feed 10 Days Before Slaughter When Neomycin Base Level Is 140 G/ton And 5 Days Withdrawal When The Neomycin Base Level Is Below 140 g/ton. A Withdrawal Period Has Not Been Established For This Product In Preruminating Calves. Do Not Use In Calves To Be Processed For Veal.

Use Of More Than One Product Containing Neomycin Or Failure To Follow Withdrawal Times May Result In Illegal Drug Residues.

For Use In Dry Feeds Only. Not For Use In Liquid Feed Supplements.

For Use In Animal Feeds Only

Not For Human Use

Restricted Drug (california) - Use Only As Directed

Store In A Dry, Cool Place

Neo-terramycin Is A Registered Trademark Of Pfizer, Inc., Licensed To Phibro Animal Health, For Neomycin-oxytetracycline Combination Products.

NADA #94-975, Approved by FDA

Distributed by: Phibro ANIMAL HEALTH, Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660

Net Weight



50 lb (22.7 kg)



Nac No.

Telephone:   201-329-7300
Customer Service:   888-403-0074
Fax:   201-329-7070
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