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Mitaban Liquid (Canada)

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Mitaban Liquid

This treatment applies to the following species:
Manufacturer: Zoetis

amitraz liquid concentrate - mfr. std.

For Topical Use in Dogs

DIN 00813842

Active Ingredient

Each mL contains amitraz 19.9% w/w.

INDICATIONS: Mitaban liquid concentrate is indicated for the topical treatment of localized and generalized demodicosis and sarcoptic mange in dogs.

Localized Demodicosis: Localized demodicosis is characterized in the dog by the presence of one or more discrete areas of alopecia, erythema and scaling usually on the face or forelimbs. Disease confirmation is made by demonstrating live Demodex canis mites in deep skin scrapings of these affected areas. While the disease by itself may not be serious at this stage, the possibility exists that it will progress to the more serious generalized form of the disease with its associated immunosuppression. Therefore treatment with Mitaban liquid concentrate is recommended at the localized stage to prevent the spread of lesions and the development of generalized demodicosis.

Generalized (Pustular) Demodicosis: Generalized demodicosis is characterized by large areas of involvement in the form of alopecia, edema and erythema. Secondary pyoderma frequently accompanies the condition. Dogs with generalized demodicosis also have an associated immunological defect. Treatment of this generalized form is mandatory since few dogs recover spontaneously once involvement is extensive. Mitaban liquid concentrate should be applied topically at 14-day intervals until skin scrapings, performed immediately prior to each application, are negative for live mites on 2 successive examinations. If secondary pyoderma is present it may be necessary to administer antibiotic therapy prior to and during treatment with Mitaban liquid concentrate.

In general, corticosteroids are contraindicated in the management of demodectic mange because the immunosuppression already present may be worsened. However, if pruritus is severe following the application of Mitaban liquid concentrate, the use of a short-acting corticosteroid may be advisable. Long-acting or repositol forms of corticosteroids are contraindicated.

Sarcoptic Mange (scabies): Sarcoptic mange is characterized by intense pruritus, erythema, alopecia and hyperkeratosis. Lesions usually appear first around the eyes and on the muzzle, ears, elbows and chest with later spread to the abdomen and back. Diagnosis may be difficult as mites are recovered only in approximately 50% of cases on routine skin scrapings. Often the diagnosis must be based on history, multiple skin scrapings, mite concentration techniques or response to trial therapy. The most reliable diagnostic test is a positive clinical response to treatment with a highly effective scabicide.

Pruritus may persist for a short time after the parasites have been killed in cases where the animal has acquired a sensitivity to the parasite or toxic materials produced by the mite. This phenomenon should not be confused with resistance of the mite to treatment. Corticosteroids may be indicated for relief of pruritus and reduction of self-inflicted trauma in these instances.

DOSAGE: Administer Mitaban liquid concentrate at a rate of 10.6 mL (contents of 1 bottle) per 7.5 L of warm water (250 ppm active drug) per animal. Two bottles (21.2 mL) per 15 L of water may be necessary to treat large dogs. The entire animal should be topically treated.

Long and medium-haired dogs should be clipped closely before each treatment. Prior to the initial treatment, all dogs should be bathed with a mild soap and water and towel dried. Though eye or dermal irritation was not observed during controlled experiments, it is recommended that a protectant be used in the eyes of patients prior to facial treatment with any topical therapy.

ADMINISTRATION: The entire dog should be thoroughly and completely wetted with the Mitaban liquid concentrate-water solution, and then allowed to air dry. Even with localized demodicosis all of the dog should be treated, not just the affected areas. Do not rinse or towel dry the dog after treatment with Mitaban liquid concentrate. A fresh Mitaban liquid concentrate-water solution should be prepared for each patient; using the same mixture for more than one patient can spread other dermal infections, and also the concentration of Mitaban liquid concentrate could be reduced to a level which would be less effective than the recommended concentration.

Demodicosis: 3 to 6 topical treatments (14 days apart) are recommended for the treatment of demodicosis. It is important to continue treatment until no viable (alive) mites are found in the skin scrapings at 2 successive treatments, or until 6 treatments have been applied. Severe (chronic) cases, and dogs which are reinfested may require a second and third series of treatments, and again the treatment should be applied at 14-day intervals. Discontinue treatment of dogs which do not respond clinically.

When employing Mitaban liquid concentrate for treatment of demodicosis, other dogs in the home also should be examined for lesions to ascertain whether treatment of these animals is warranted.

A small percentage of dogs with generalized demodex may not yield repeated negative skin scrapings. Even if such dogs are negative after treatment they may not remain so. It is not known if these dogs become re-infected or if they ever were free of mites. A series of treatments may be required periodically to keep such dogs clinically normal.

Sarcoptic Mange: A single topical treatment is recommended. Severe or chronic cases and dogs which are reinfested may require retreatment at 14-day intervals. To prevent reinfestation, the animal’s bedding, collars and grooming tools should be cleansed and disinfected and not used for 3-4 weeks, by which time mites on them should be non-viable. Due to the highly contagious nature of sarcoptic mange other dogs in the home should be simultaneously treated to minimize the risk of reinfestation.


Well-controlled experiments with Mitaban liquid concentrate have not been conducted to determine the compatibility range or safety in breeding or pregnant dogs, hence use in these animals is contraindicated. The safety of Mitaban liquid concentrate has not been established in dogs less than 4 months of age.

Side Effects

In the clinical/field studies, transient sedation, a known pharmacologic activity, occurred in less than 10% of the animals treated with Mitaban liquid concentrate. This condition was transient with onset within 2 to 3 hours following treatment and has usually disappeared within 24 hours. Often this effect was less apparent when ensuing Mitaban liquid concentrate treatments were applied. Ingestion of Mitaban liquid concentrate may increase the risk of adverse effects. Therefore, appropriate care should be exercised during and immediately after Mitaban liquid concentrate application, to minimize the opportunity for exposure by the oral route. Treated animals should not be subjected to additional stress for a period of 24 hours post-treatment.

Transient pruritus occurred in less than 3% of the demodicosis patients. This was an indirect effect due to an inflammatory reaction associated with dead mites.


(1) Keep out of reach of children. (2) Since safety to humans has not been established, it is recommended that treatment of animals be confined to veterinary hospital facilities and that personnel be made familiar with the label precautions prior to using this product. Treated animals should remain in the veterinary hospital until completely dry. Thereafter, handling of the animal, especially by children, should be kept to a minimum for a further 24 hours. (3) AVOID inhalation of vapours. (4) Mitaban liquid concentrate may be harmful if swallowed by humans. Do not induce vomiting (contains xylol) and immediately call a physician. (5) Avoid contamination of food and food stuffs. (6) Mitaban liquid concentrate is flammable. When diluted with water, the mixture is not flammable. (7) Wear rubber gloves when mixing Mitaban liquid concentrate with water and when treating animals. (8) Wash hands and arms with soap and water after treatment of pet(s). (9) Avoid handling of pet(s) immediately after treatment. (10) Dispose of unused Mitaban liquid concentrate-water solution and the Mitaban container immediately after treatment.

Mitaban Liquid Caution

Amitraz may alter the animals’ ability to maintain homeostasis. Consequently animals treated with Mitaban liquid concentrate should not be subjected to stress for a period of at least 24 hours post-treatment.


Store between 15° and 30°C. Keep away from direct heat or open flame.

PRESENTATION: Mitaban liquid concentrate is available in packages of 6 x 10.6 mL bottles.

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