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Mineral Max

This page contains information on Mineral Max for veterinary use.
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Mineral Max

This treatment applies to the following species:
Manufacturer: RXV

An Injectable, Chelated Supplemental Source Of Zinc, Manganese, Selenium And Copper

For Animal Use Only

Keep Out Of Reach Of Children

Mineral Max Caution

Federal Law Restricts This Drug To Use By Or On The Order Of A Licensed Veterinarian

Guaranteed Analysis

Zinc, not less than

20 mg/ml

Manganese, not less than

20 mg/ml

Selenium, not less than

5 mg/ml

Copper, not less than

10 mg/ml

Mineral Max Caution

Slight local reaction may occur for about 30 seconds after injection. A slight swelling may be observed at injection site for a few days after administration. Use standard aseptic procedures during administration of injections. Store in a cool dry place.


Zinc oxide, manganese sulfate, sodium selenite, copper carbonate, sodium carbonate, EDTA, sodium hydroxide and benzyl alcohol 1.0% as a preservative


Use only in cattle by subcutaneous injection.

Dosage Recommendations

Calves: Up to 1 year

1 ml/100 lbs. Bodyweight.

Cattle: From 1-2 years

1 ml/150 lbs. Bodyweight.

Cattle: Over 2 years

1 ml/200 lbs. Bodyweight.

Supplementation Program


3 times per year

Beef Cows:

3 weeks before breeding

3 weeks before calving

Dairy Cows:

3 weeks before calving

3 weeks before insemination

5 months into lactation


At day old

At weaning


Every 3 months, especially 5 weeks before breeding


Every 2 months in wet conditions

(Program gives planned dates that can be varied to suit management programs.)

Manufactured for: RXVeterinary Products, Grapevine, TX 76051

Manufactured by: Sparhawk Vet Labs, Lenexa, KS

Mfd. in U.S.A.

Net Contents:



100 mL


BOD 01-03

500 mL



Nac No.

Telephone:   901-366-4442
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