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Lutropin-V with Diluent (Canada)

This page contains information on Lutropin-V with Diluent for veterinary use.
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Lutropin-V with Diluent

This treatment applies to the following species:
Company: Vetoquinol

DIN 02267500



Porcine Pituitary Luteinizing Hormone for Injection

Porcine Pituitary Lutropin Extract (PPLE)


LUTROPIN®-V is highly purified luteinizing hormone extracted from carefully selected porcine pituitary glands. It is lyophilized to maintain its potency under normal storage conditions. Each lyophilized 20 mL vial of LUTROPIN®-V contains the equivalent of 25 mg ARMOUR standard of luteinizing hormone. When reconstituted with the supplied LUTROPIN®-V Sterile Diluent, 20 mL can be withdrawn and each mL contains LH equivalent to 1.25 mg ARMOUR standard of luteinizing hormone. LUTROPIN®-V Sterile Diluent is a 20 mL vial of Bacteriostatic Sodium Chloride Injection USP and contains sodium chloride 0.9% w/v with benzyl alcohol 1.8% w/v as a preservative and water for injection q.s.

Lutropin-V with Diluent Indications

Luteinizing hormone is recommended for use in cattle, horses, swine, sheep and dogs as an aid in the treatment of breeding disorders related to hypofunction of the pituitary gland and/or in those conditions where gonadal sensitivity is reduced.

Females: To stimulate maturation of the developing ovarian follicle, production of estrogen and ovulation.

Males: To stimulate testicular interstitial cells and the production of testosterone.

Dosage and Administration

Reconstitute LUTROPIN®-V with LUTROPIN®-V Sterile Diluent and use immediately. Do not save partially used vials (See cautions). LUTROPIN®-V may be given by intravenous or subcutaneous injection. Administer by intravenous injection for maximum effect.

Cattle: 20.0 mL (25.0 mg)

Horses: 20.0 mL (25.0 mg)

Swine: 4.0 mL (5.0 mg)

Sheep: 2.0 mL (2.5 mg)

Dogs: 0.8 mL (1.0 mg)

For all these species, the injection may be repeated in one to four weeks or as indicated.

CAUTIONS: LUTROPIN®-V and LUTROPIN®-V Sterile Diluent are packaged in single dose vials. In the event of an allergic reaction, administer epinephrine.


No meat withdrawal period or milk withholding time is required when used according to the label. Keep out of reach of children.


Store LUTROPIN®-V and LUTROPIN®-V Sterile Diluent at room temperature (15-30° C).

PACKAGING: 20 mL vial with diluent.

®Registered trademark of Vetoquinol USA, Inc.

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