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Layermune 5

This page contains information on Layermune 5 for veterinary use.
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Layermune 5

This treatment applies to the following species:
Company: Ceva Biomune

Bursal Disease-Newcastle Disease-Bronchitis Vaccine, Standard and Variant, Mass. Type, Killed Virus

U.S. Vet. Lic. No.: 368

Contents: LAYERMUNE® 5 is an inactivated oil emulsion vaccine containing three bursal disease viruses (the standard type and two variants), Newcastle disease virus and infectious bronchitis virus of the Mass. serotype, Holland strain. All viruses in LAYERMUNE® 5 are of chicken embryo or bursal tissue origin.

The vaccine has undergone rigid potency, safety and purity tests and meets Biomune and USDA requirements.

Layermune 5 Indications

The vaccine is indicated for use in healthy chickens prior to the onset of egg production against diseases caused by infectious bursal disease viruses (standard and variant types), Newcastle disease virus and infectious bronchitis virus of the Mass. serotype. One dose of LAYERMUNE® 5 provides uniform and high serological titers eliminating the need for use of live Newcastle-bronchitis vaccines during lay.

Breeder vaccination provides maternal antibody to the progeny of breeder hens for the prevention of early exposure to bursal disease.

Dosage and Administration

A prime with live infectious bursal disease vaccine and bronchitis vaccine of the Mass. type is recommended at least four (4) weeks in advance of administration of the inactivated vaccine.

Vaccinate chickens with 0.5 mL per bird. The vaccine is to be administered by the subcutaneous route in the back of the neck, midway between the head and the body, in a direction away from the head. Do not inject into muscle or vertebrae.

Revaccination during molt is recommended.

Refer to the product label for specific use directions and precautions.

Precaution(s): Store the vaccine at 35°-45°F (2°-7°C). Do not freeze.

Warning(s): Do not vaccinate with oil emuslsion vaccine within 42 days before slaughter.

Avoid injection of the vaccine into a human. Should accidental injection of a human occur, seek medical attention immediately since a serious localized reaction may result.

Presentation: 1,000 dose (500 mL) bottle.

CPN: 11290053

Telephone:   913-894-0230
Fax:   913-894-0236
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