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JorVet J-326AS Acid Fast Stain

This page contains information on JorVet J-326AS Acid Fast Stain for veterinary use.
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JorVet J-326AS Acid Fast Stain

This treatment applies to the following species:
Company: Jorgensen


Component #1

Kinyoun Carbol Fuchsin

Component #2

50% Ethanol

Component #3

1% Sulfuric Acid

Component #4

Loeffler Methylene Blue

JorVet J-326AS Acid Fast Stain Indications

This stain is useful in identifying microorganisms that are strongly acid or alcohol fast in staining. Recently they have been found to be useful in selectively staining cryptosporidium oocysts and various spirochetes.

Directions For Use

1. Pick a portion of material with an applicator stick, mix the material in a drop of saline, spread it on a glass slide (1 x 3 inch), and allow to dry.

2. Fix the dried film in methanol for 1 minute and air dry the slide, (component A).

3. Flood the slide with Kinyoun Carbol Fuchsin (component #1), and stain for 5 minutes.

4. Wash slide with 50% Ethanol (component #2), and immediately rinse slide with water.

5. Decolorize the smear with 1% Sulfuric Acid (component #3) for 2 minutes, or until no color runs from the slide.

6. Wash the slide with water.

7. Counterstain the smear with Loeffler Methylene Blue (component #4) for 1 minute.

8. Rinse the slide with water, dry it, and examine the smear with Immersion Oil. Cryptosporidium oocysts stain bright red and background materials stain blue or pale red.


Always close the lid tightly on the component bottles to avoid evaporation loss.

Presentation: 4 oz.

NAC No.: 11520080

Telephone:   970-669-2500
Toll-Free:   1-800-525-5614
Fax:   970-663-5042
Technical Information:   Ask for Vet-Tech
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