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JorVet CMT - Test Kit

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JorVet CMT - Test Kit

This treatment applies to the following species:
Company: Jorgensen

Test liquid for detection of mastitis.

California Mastitis Test Kit

12 ml test liquid allows the test to be completed on all four teats in less than a minute.

Squeeze a small amount of milk out of each teat into the corresponding quarter of the paddle. Avoid frothing the milk.

Tip surplus milk out of paddle leaving only 2 ml milk in each segment (use the 2 ml line as a guide).

Press 3 ml CMT teat liquid into each segment of the paddle. One press of the pump is equal to 3 ml.

Mix well by gently moving in a circular motion. (Change in consistency indicates an increase in cell content of the milk.)

Complete kit includes:

● concentrated test solution makes one gallon

● four chambered test paddle

● 500 ml pump dispenser bottle

● complete directions

Catalog #: J-370K

Manufactured for Jorgensen Laboratories, Inc., Loveland, Colorado 80538

Presentation: Approximately 40 tests per kit.

CPN: 11520150

Telephone:   970-669-2500
Toll-Free:   1-800-525-5614
Fax:   970-663-5042
Technical Information:   Ask for Vet-Tech
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