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IO-Shield Sanitizing Barrier Teat Dip

This page contains information on IO-Shield Sanitizing Barrier Teat Dip for veterinary use.
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  • IO-Shield Sanitizing Barrier Teat Dip Indications
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IO-Shield Sanitizing Barrier Teat Dip

This treatment applies to the following species:
Company: Ecolab Food & Bev. Div.

Active Ingredient(s): .25% iodine (contains glycerine plus other emollients).

IO-Shield Sanitizing Barrier Teat Dip Indications

IO-SHIELD® is a unique germicidal 2500 ppm iodine teat dip that forms a protective barrier on the teat. Helps prevent common bacterial organisms known to cause mastitis from entering the teat canal and provides extended antimicrobial protection after dipping.

Benefits: Promotes Udder Health and Hygiene

NMC Protocol B study showed 79% reduction in new Staph aureus mastitis infections.

Contains .25% titratable iodine, providing both a germicide and a barrier film on the teat.

Equally effective against both infectious mastitis organisms and environmental types such as E coli.

Passes AOAC Germicidal and Detergent Sanitizer Test with a greater than 99.999% reduction of Staph aureus and E coli organisms.

Non-irritating formula aids teat conditioning; gentle on teats and hands.

Film former and wetting agent allows product to cling to the teat.

Versatile - Cost Effectiveness

Ready-to-use formula reduces wasteful, excessive consumption.

Easier to remove than latex barrier type dips - reduces prepping time.






dark brown



Wetting Ability


Specific gravity


Pounds per gallon


Dosage and Administration

Important: Do not mix IO-SHIELD® with any other teat dip or other products. If transferred from the container to any other, make sure that other container is thoroughly pre-cleaned and bears the proper container labeling for IO-SHIELD®.

Use a post-milking teat dip on each teat as an aid in a complete cow-care program to help reduce the spread of organisms which may cause mastitis.

Immediately after milking, use IO-SHIELD® at full strength. Submerge entire teat in IO-SHIELD® solution. Allow to air dry. Do not wipe. Always use fresh, full strength IO-SHIELD®. If product in dip cup becomes visibly dirty, discard contents and replenish with undiluted product. Do not reuse or return unused product to the original container. Do not turn cows out in freezing weather until IO-SHIELD® is completely dry.

Wash teats thoroughly just prior to next milking with appropriate udder wash solution or pre-milking teat dip. Teats should then be dried with a single-service towel. Use proper procedures for udder washing or pre-dipping.

Precaution(s): Transport and store between 40°F (4°C) and 100°F (37.8°C). Do not freeze. Product damaged if frozen. Product that has been frozen and thawed may appear watery with clumps of material and will not produce a uniform film on the teat.

Caution(s): IO-SHIELD® is not intended to cure or help the healing of chapped or irritated teats. In case of teat irritation or chapping, have the condition examined and, if necessary, treated by a veterinarian.

Warning(s): For cautionary and first aid information, consult the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

Presentation: 5 gallon pail and 15 gallon drum.

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