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Immucox For Turkeys (Canada)

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Immucox For Turkeys

This treatment applies to the following species:
Company: Ceva Animal Health



An oral Coccidiosis Vaccine of live oocysts of Eimeria spp.

Store in cool place (3 - 7°C)



IMMUCOX® is designed for the purpose of delivering uniformly low doses of live oocysts to turkeys to aid in the development of immunity against coccidiosis. When administered according to the directions (see below) IMMUCOX® can prevent mortality and reduced weight gains that are attributable to coccidiosis.


1. Be sure that no anticoccidial (coccidiostat) is used in the feed. Even a low level of anticoccidial can reduce or negate the effectiveness of the vaccine.

2. Broad spectrum antibiotics which possess anticoccidial activity (e.g. tetracyclines, sulfas and nitrofurans) should not be used together with IMMUCOX® for the first 12 days after vaccination.

3. Do not over dose or under dose.

4. If birds are housed in a confined space (e.g. brooding rings), they must be released from confinement by the sixth day post vaccination or area must be at least doubled.

Directions For Use

Follow the directions carefully.

1. Be sure that there is sufficient quantity (doses) of IMMUCOX® for the number of birds to be vaccinated. If the water administration method is being used, each vial of vaccine must be accompanied by one pouch of IMMUCOX® diluent. One vial of IMMUCOX® vaccinates 1000 birds.

2. Vaccinate only healthy birds.

3. Be sure that no water from any source is available to the birds during vaccination.


IMMUCOX® Water Administration

1. Add one package of IMMUCOX® diluent to 4L of cold tap water. Mix well.

2. Shake well and pour one vial of IMMUCOX® vaccine into the IMMUCOX® diluent solution. Mix well. The vaccine mixture is properly mixed when the colour appears uniform.

3. Evenly distribute all of the vaccine mixture into clean, empty drinkers. a) Water Troughs - Use all troughs. b) Bell-Shaped Drinkers - Use 1 drinker per 200 to 300 birds. c) Swish Cups - Pour into all drinkers and refill as required. d) Nipple Drinkers - DO NOT USE FOR VACCINATION. Use drinker trays. Be sure to use all the predetermined amount of vaccine mixture.

4. Turn the drinking water back on when there is no vaccine mixture remaining in the drinkers (approximately 1 hour).

IMMUCOX® Gel-Spray Administration - Hatchery Method

1. Add 100 g of gel-spray diluent to 4L of cold tap water. Mix well with a hand-held blender.

2. Food colour can be added next if needed.

3. Shake 16 vials (16,000 doses) of IMMUCOX® vaccine well, pour in and mix well with a hand-held blender. No further agitation is required for use on the same day.

4. Vaccinate at 1 day of age (hatch day) at a ratio of 25 mL for every 100 birds, through a gel-spray machine or device.

IMMUCOX® - Gel puck Administration

For investigational use only Potency and efficacy of this product in gel puck delivery system are being established.

IMMUCOX® -Gel puck products are prepared by the manufacturer or distributor by special arrangement with end user.

Store in cool place (3 - 7°C).

Use pucks within 14 days of manufacture.

Vaccinate at 1 day of age (hatch day).

Evenly space pucks at a ratio of 1 puck for every 100 birds (suggested location is on paper near the feeders).


The recommended age of vaccination in water delivery is 1-5 days and gel-spray delivery 1 day (hatch-day). No other vaccination for coccidiosis is necessary.

Immucox For Turkeys Caution

The capacity of IMMUCOX® to aid in the development of immunity in turkeys against coccidiosis depends upon many factors. These include but are not limited to conditions of storage and handling of the vaccine by the user, administration of the vaccine, the responsiveness of individual birds to the vaccine and whether the directions for use and precautionary measures are being followed carefully.

The capacity of the vaccine will be reduced or negated by freezing or high temperature and, if the directions for use and precautionary measures are not followed as described, excessive morbidity and mortality may occur. Consult a poultry veterinarian or a diagnostic laboratory for proper diagnosis. Inform the veterinarian or the diagnostic laboratory that the flock has been vaccinated with IMMUCOX®.

Administer a minimum of 1 dose per bird.

Vaccinate all birds in the barn at the same time.

Do not vaccinate within 21 days before slaughter.

Active Ingredients

IMMUCOX® For Turkeys: Eimeria adenoeides and E. meleagrimitis

VETECH LABORATORIES INC. (dba Ceva Animal Health)

Canadian Veterinary Biologics Establishment License No. 23

® Registered Trademark of Vetech Laboratories Inc.

Presentation: Water administration - 1000 dose (15 mL) vials.
Gel administration - 16000 dose (100 g) spray.

CPN: 12210860

Telephone:   519-650-9570
Toll-Free:   800-510-8864
Fax:   519-650-9576
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