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Fresh 'n Clean 2-n-1 Long Coat Shampoo + Conditioner

This page contains information on Fresh 'n Clean 2-n-1 Long Coat Shampoo + Conditioner for veterinary use.
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Fresh 'n Clean 2-n-1 Long Coat Shampoo + Conditioner

This treatment applies to the following species:
Company: Lambert Kay

Tropical Fresh

Moisturizes as it cleanses, with light-weight conditioning that releases mats and tangles and reduces static, while leaving a luxuriously soft, shiny and radiant coat.

#1 Groomer Preferred

Fresh ’n Clean® 2-n-1 Long Coat Shampoo + Conditioner is specifically designed to answer the challenge of grooming long coat dogs, whether their coats are silky or coarse. Formulated to be thinner than other products, it penetrates thick coats while enveloping the hair with collagen to strengthen and help prevent breakage. At the same time, anti-static Rooibos tea extract helps detangle the coat and eases comb-through. Added vitamins nurture the skin and help retain undercoat which reduces shedding. And since the long-lasting scent offers all the results of multi-step grooming in a convenient one-step process, you can spend less time grooming and more time snuggling. Because when pets stay fresher longer, it’s a joy to Come Home To Fresh ’n Clean®.

Directions For Use

1. Wet coat with warm water. 2. Pour shampoo + conditioner along dog’s back. 3. Work into coat, add more if needed. 4. Rinse thoroughly. 5. Repeat if necessary.

Ingredients: Purified water, naturally derived cleansers, naturally derived conditioning agents, mildness enhancer, humectants and emollients (glycerin, lanolin, vitamin B5), natural pH adjuster, soothing agents (oat extract, Aloe vera, vitamin E, Rooibos tea extract), skin and coat rebuilder (amino silk protein, plant based collagen), deodorizer (baking soda), fragrance.

Pet Approved

Made in USA


Biodegradable Formula

Please Recycle

Distributed by: Pet-Ag, Inc., An Employee-Owned Company, Hampshire, IL 60140


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18 FL OZ (533mL)

LKLBF-21352-01, LKLBB-21352-01

CPN: 6223081.0

Distributed by PBI-Gordon Corporation, An Employee-Owned Company

Telephone:   1-800-690-6455
Fax:   1-816-474-0462
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