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Digest Aid

This page contains information on Digest Aid for veterinary use.
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Digest Aid

This treatment applies to the following species:
Manufacturer: Farnam

Improves Feed Utilization

For All Classes Of Horses

Contains A Beneficial Microbial Culture That Aids In The Digestion Of Protein, Fiber, Sugars And Starches.

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein, min.


Crude Fat, min.


Crude Fiber, min.



Heat processed soybeans, yeast culture, dried aspergillus oryzae fermentation extract, wheat bran, & wheat middlings.

Digest Aid™

● Improves digestion and utilization of high protein hays such as alfalfa

● Helps horses digest hemi cellulose (found in hay, grasses) more thoroughly

● Helps horses adapt to feed changes

● Helps maintain a better condition on less feed

● Maintains peak condition of your horse at all times

● Helps horses utilize more grasses and hay and less grain

● Helps restore normal digestion to foundered horses

● Helps increase horses’ stamina

For Oral Use In Horses

Keep Out of Reach of Children


Enclosed Scoop Holds One Ounce.

Feed Digest Aid at the following daily rates:

Sprinkle the proper amount over feed or mix with the grain ration.

Adult Horses

1 ounce per day

Foals, Weanlings, Ponies

1/2 ounce per day

Pregnant & Nursing Mares

2 ounces per day

For optimum results, Digest Aid™ should be fed along with a complete vitamin/mineral supplement such as Farnam’s Vita-Plus®.

Aids in digestion and feed utilization

Digest Aid is a soybean meal base that contains a fermentation extract produced by a select substrain of Aspergillus Oryzae. This fermentation extract helps to establish and maintain a balanced microflora in the horse’s intestinal tract that will aid in the digestion of protein, fiber, sugars and starches. Digest Aid will help improve the horse’s utilization of its feed by increasing the nutrient availability it receives from the hay and grains in its diet. You’ll see the difference in your horse’s performance, digestion and attitude. Improved feed utilization not only helps with your horse’s nutrition, but also helps you as a horseowner to get the most economical use from the feeds you purchase for your horse.

Vita Plus® is a registered trademark of Vita Plus Corp.

Farnam Horse Products, A Division of Farnam Companies, Inc., P.O. Box 34820, Phoenix, AZ 85067-4820

Call with questions or comments 800-234-2269

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