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Demotec Easy Bloc

This page contains information on Demotec Easy Bloc for veterinary use.
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Demotec Easy Bloc

This treatment applies to the following species:
Company: Neogen

Ingredient(s): A liquid/powder system has been developed, utilizing as resin with a short polymerization time which will cure quickly and effectively.

Demotec Easy Bloc Indications

EASY BLOC® provides a system which will be applicable to the treatment of most cases of lameness in cattle.


1. The healthy claw is cleaned removing dirt and loose horn with a hoof knife (or grinder if necessary) and thoroughly dried. Special levelling of the sole is not necessary as unevenness is overcome by the resin.

2. Press the perforation on the top of the box, which will allow the insertion of the EASY BLOC® in the correct position to accurately measure the liquid into the BLOC®.

3. Pour the liquid into the BLOC® until it reaches the mark (20 mL).

4. The small hole in the silver foil covering the neck of the powder bottle allows the controlled addition of the powder onto the resin (in volume about twice that of the liquid) until it is nearly to the top of the BLOC®.

5. Remove the EASY BLOC® from the top of the box and quickly mix with the spatula. Immediately take some of the creamy-like resin mix onto the spatula, and spread a thin film around the inside wall of the BLOC®, to guarantee a complete covering glue contact with the claw sole.

6. Next place the EASY BLOC® over the prepared claw, position correctly and exert pressure to ensure the mixed resin spreads evenly. You will find that the BLOC® has been designed to fit securely onto the claw.

7. Any surplus resin mix which exudes must be spread with the spatula into any opening remaining between the top of the EASY BLOC® and the horn. That increases the good adhesion to the claw.

8. After about 4-5 minutes (at a temperature of 21°C) the resin mix will be completely polymerized which will allow the cow to stand on its hoof once more - with the rapid relief of pain and lameness.

Special Note: Temperature has a great influence on the polymerization time of resin. The times quoted relate to a temperature of 21°C. Should the temperature be higher the reaction is accelerated conversely lower temperatures decelerate the reactions. As a rule of thumb it can be said that polymerization time is divided in half for every increase of 10°C i.e. 30°C polymerization time approx. 2 1/2 minutes conversely at 10°C - polymerization 10 minutes.

Logically the resin should be warmed up in winter and cooled in summer. This can be done simply by partially immersing the container of the resin in a bucket of cold or warm water, but care should be taken not to let water come into contact with the resin.

Precaution(s): The synthetic resin in EASY BLOC® should be protected from light and stored in a cool place. All containers should be tightly closed after use - measures should be taken to prevent soiling from a spillage - and all items should be stored out of the reach of children.

Warnings on vessels should be strictly followed. An EC Security Data Sheet with additional information is available on request.

Discussion: The design of the EASY BLOC® was based on the anatomy of the hoof, and its versatility allows claws of any size to be accommodated, without any restriction on their mobility.

The sole of the BLOC® has been made thick enough to ensure that there is no pressure on the affected claw, and the smooth elastic upper cover, is sufficiently flexible to allow claws of very varying sizes to be accommodated.

Presentation: EASY BLOC® is available in kits of 4 applications or 12 applications. Also available in extra length.

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