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Covexin 8 (Canada)

This page contains information on Covexin 8 for veterinary use.
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Covexin 8

This treatment applies to the following species:
Manufacturer: Merck Animal Health

Clostridium Chauvoei-Haemolyticum-Novyi Type B-Perfringens Types B, C & D-Septicum-Tetani Bacterin-Toxoid

For Veterinary Use Only


Initial dose - 4 mL

Subsequent dose - 4 mL

Subcutaneous injection


Initial dose - 4 mL

Subsequent dose - 2 mL

Subcutaneous injection


One dose of COVEXIN® 8 contains the immunizing antigens of Cl. chauvoei, Cl. haemolyticum, Cl. novyi Type B, Cl. perfringens Types B, C & D, Cl. septicum and Cl. tetani, with potassium alum adjuvant.

Covexin 8 Indications

For the vaccination of cattle and sheep against diseases caused by Cl. chauvoei (black leg), Cl. haemolyticum (bacillary hemoglobinuria), Cl. novyi Type B (black disease or infectious necrotic hepatitis), Cl. perfringens Type B (lamb dysentery), Type C (hemorrhagic enterotoxemia), Type D (pulpy kidney), Cl. septicum (malignant edema) and Cl. tetani (tetanus).

Administration And Dosage


In order that a balanced response to vaccination is obtained, a primary course of two injections of 4 mL each should be given with an interval of 6 weeks between injections. To maintain a constant high level of immunity, booster injections should be administered at intervals of 6 months, or when outbreaks are seasonal, at least 2 weeks before the anticipated outbreak. Calves vaccinated under 3 months of age should be revaccinated at 4-6 months of age. Calves vaccinated at 3 months of age or older should be revaccinated 6 weeks later. Inject subcutaneously with strict aseptic precautions.


On being vaccinated for the first time, all classes of sheep must be given a 4 mL dose followed by a further 2 mL dose 6 weeks later. This primary course should be completed at least 2 weeks before maximum immunity is required. This may be either a period of risk or, in pregnant ewes, during lambing. Revaccination with 2 mL is required at six-month intervals for continuous protection, but where there is no period of risk in the winter annual revaccination is all that is necessary. In lambing flocks, pregnant ewes should be injected 2 weeks before lambing is due to commence. They will then be able to pass on enough antibodies in the colostrum to enable their lambs to be passively protected for the first 12-16 weeks of life, provided the lambs suck normally within the first 12 hours of birth. Replacements born of vaccinated ewes should receive the first dose of the primary course at 10-12 weeks of age. Administration is by subcutaneous injection. Injections should be made through an area of clean, dry skin, over the chest wall, behind the shoulder, observing strict aseptic precautions.

Covexin 8 Caution

Shake well before using.

After subcutaneous administration a small nodule may appear at the injection site but generally disappears within a few weeks.

As with all biologics, anaphylactoid reactions may occur.



Partly used Flexipacks should be discarded at the end of the day’s vaccination.

Protect from freezing.

Refrigerate at 2°-8°C.

Do not vaccinate within 21 days of slaughter.

To facilitate reference it is important that the serial numbers given on the label of each container should be recorded.

COVEXIN® 8 is supplied in Flexipacks of 50 mL, 100 mL, 250 mL, 500 mL and 1 liter.


Contact a physician immediately if accidental self-injection occurs.

Manufactured by Schering-Plough Animal Health Limited, Upper Hutt, New Zealand

for Intervet Canada Corp., 16750, route Transcanadienne, Kirkland QC, H9H 4M7

For technical enquiries, call toll free 1 888 306-0069.

® Registered trademark of Schering-Plough Animal Health Corporation, used under license by Intervet Canada Corp.




Product Codes:

50 mL


100 mL


250 mL


500 mL


1 L


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Intervet Canada Corp.

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