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CattleMaster BVD-K

This page contains information on CattleMaster BVD-K for veterinary use.
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CattleMaster BVD-K

This treatment applies to the following species:
Manufacturer: Zoetis

Bovine Virus Diarrhea Vaccine

Killed Virus

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: CattleMaster BVD-K is for vaccination of healthy cattle, including pregnant cows, as an aid in preventing bovine viral diarrhea caused by bovine viral diarrhea (BVD) virus Type 1. CattleMaster BVD-K is a liquid, adjuvanted preparation of inactivated cytopathic and noncytopathic BVD Type 1 virus strains, propagated on an established cell line. This product is adjuvanted with aluminum hydroxide to enhance immune response.

DISEASE DESCRIPTION: BVD virus is commonly associated with respiratory disease and/or reproductive failure in cattle. BVD virus may be transmitted in nasal secretions, saliva, blood, feces, and/or urine, and by direct contact with contaminated objects; it invades through the nose and mouth and replicates systemically. Infection during pregnancy may result in abortion, fetal resorption, or congenital malformation of the fetus. Moreover, if susceptible cows are infected with noncytopathic BVD virus during the first trimester of pregnancy, their calves may be born persistently infected with the virus. Exposure of those calves to certain virulent cytopathic BVD virus strains may precipitate BVD-mucosal disease. Clinical signs of BVD include loss of appetite, ulcerations in the mouth, profuse salivation, elevated temperature, diarrhea, dehydration, and lameness.

SAFETY AND EFFICACY: In safety studies of CattleMaster BVD-K, no adverse reactions to vaccination were observed and vaccinated pregnant cattle delivered normal, healthy calves. Field reports, however, indicate occasional hypersensitivity reactions may occur up to 6 hours postvaccination. Owners should be advised to observe animals during this period. While this event appears to be rare overall, 500-900 lb dairy heifers may be affected more frequently than other cattle. Animals affected may display excessive salivation, incoordination, and/or dyspnea. Animals displaying such signs should be treated immediately with epinephrine or equivalent. In nonresponsive animals, other modes of treatment should be considered.

Efficacy of CattleMaster BVD-K was demonstrated in a challenge-of-immunity study. Cattle vaccinated with CattleMaster BVD-K, followed by challenge with a disease-causing strain of BVD Type 1 virus, showed no signs or had significantly fewer clinical signs than nonvaccinated control cattle.

Directions For Use

1. General Directions: Vaccination of healthy cattle, including pregnant cows, is recommended. Shake well. Administer 2 mL intramuscularly. In accordance with Beef Quality Assurance guidelines, this product should be administered in the muscular region of the neck.

2. Primary Vaccination: Healthy cattle should receive 2 doses administered 2-4 weeks apart. To avoid possible maternal antibody interference with active immunization, calves vaccinated before the age of 6 months should be revaccinated after 6 months of age.

3. Revaccination: Annual revaccination with a single dose is recommended.

4. Good animal husbandry and herd health management practices should be employed.


1. Store at 2°-7°C. Prolonged exposure to higher temperatures and/or direct sunlight may adversely affect potency. Do not freeze.

2. Use entire contents when first opened.

3. Do not vaccinate within 21 days before slaughter.

4. Contains gentamicin as preservative.

5. As with many vaccines, anaphylaxis may occur after use. Initial antidote of epinephrine is recommended and should be followed with appropriate supportive therapy.

6. This product has been shown to be efficacious in healthy animals. A protective immune response may not be elicited if animals are persistently infected with BVD virus or incubating an infectious disease, are malnourished or parasitized, are stressed due to shipment or environmental conditions, are otherwise immunocompromised, or the vaccine is not administered in accordance with label directions.

Technical inquiries should be directed to Zoetis Inc. Veterinary Services, (888) 963-8471 (USA), (800) 461-0917 (Canada).

For veterinary use only

U.S. Veterinary License No. 190

Zoetis Inc., Kalamazoo, MI 49007


Presentation: 10 dose and 50 dose vials.

NAC No.: 36900453

Telephone:   269-833-4000
Customer Service:   800-733-5500 and 800-793-0596
Veterinary Medical Investigations & Product Support:   800-366-5288
Technical Services (USA):   800-366-5288
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