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CarraVet Absorbent Wound Powder

This page contains information on CarraVet Absorbent Wound Powder for veterinary use.
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CarraVet Absorbent Wound Powder

This treatment applies to the following species:
Company: CarraVet

For Horses, Dogs, Cats, and Other Companion Animals For the Clinical Management of Wounds

CarraVet Absorbent Wound Powder Indications

For the early clinical management of all types of wounds. Adsorbs bacterial toxins and inflammatory substances that delay healing.

INGREDIENTS: Naturally Occurring Calcium Silicate (Montmorillonite) Clay Powder

Directions For Use

Remove hair and debris from wound area. Cleanse area with wound cleanser such as CarraVet® or EquineVet™ Acemannan Wound Cleanser leaving wound bed moist. Cover the entire wound area with a thin layer of CarraVet® Adsorbent Wound Powder. Apply a hydrogel such as EquineVet™ or WoundSorb™ Plus Acemannan Smart Gel over powder to maintain moisture. Repeat at least once daily. In an emergency involving hemorrhage, CarraVet® Adsorbent Wound Powder can be used to aid in blood clotting through liberal application of the powder to the hemorrhaging area and the application of appropriate compression for three minutes. Repeat as often as necessary to stop the bleeding.

USE PRECAUTIONS: For use with horses, dogs, cats and companion animals only. Avoid contact with eyes. Discontinue use if irritation develops. Keep out of reach of children.



Manufactured for: CarraVet, P.O. Box 1241, Palmetto, GA 30268

(972) 489-5689

Made in USA

Net Wt.

Reorder no.

Date of issuance:

2 OZ. (57 g)


01/13/11 # 1000, Rev. 0

4 OZ. (114 g)


01/13/11 # 1000, Rev. 0

NAC No.: 15720030

P.O. BOX 1241, PALMETTO, GA, 30268
Telephone:   972-489-5689
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