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Calf's Choice Total Balanced

This page contains information on Calf's Choice Total Balanced for veterinary use.
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Calf's Choice Total Balanced

This treatment applies to the following species:
Manufacturer: AltaGenetics

(immunity & Energy)

Bovine Dried Colostrum

Made from natural bovine colostrum

1 Dose Replacement for Maternal Colostrum

Easy Mix

For Animal Use Only


Grams Per Package

% Dry Matter

Bovine Globulin Proteins

≥ 100 G

≥ 21.5%

Bovine Colostral Fat

≥ 100 G

≥ 21.5%

Calf’s Choice Total™ Balanced contains 100 Grams Of Globulin Proteins And 100 Grams Of Colostral Fat, And Is Made Only From Natural Bovine Colostrum.

guaranteed Analysis

bovine Globulin Protein (min)

100 G

Crude Protein (min)


Crude Fat (min)


Crude Fibre (max)


Ca (min-max)

0.9% - 1.1%

Phosphorus (min)



Calf’s Choice Total™ Balanced Can Be Used To Replace Or Supplement Maternal Colostrum When The Quality Or Quantity Of Available Colostrum Is Not Adequate. One Dose Of calf’s Choice Total™ Balanced Supplies Calves With The Essential Globulin Proteins, Growth Factors, And Nutrients Necessary For Improved Calf Health, Survival, And Long Term Performance Under Good Management Conditions.


dose To Feed On Day 1

To Replace Maternal Colostrum

-If feeding is by nipple, feed at least 1 bag.

-If feeding is by esophageal feeder, feed at least 1 1/2 bags.

To Supplement Maternal Colostrum

-Feed at least 1/2 bag.

In all cases feed the first feeding as soon as possible after birth, and not later than 6 hours of age. Feeding additional amounts of Calf’s Choice Total™ Balanced in the first or subsequent feedings before 24 hours of age will provide additional health and productivity benefits. Feeding more than the above amounts is recommended when calves are stressed, sanitation is poor, or calf hood disease is high. Fold bag over for storage after opening.

Use a whisk or electric mixer to mix each package (16.6 oz / 470 g) into 5 cups (1,250 ml) of water that is hot to the touch (but not hotter than 130°F / 55°C). Calf’s Choice Total™ Balanced can also be mixed with maternal colostrum for feeding.

Dose To Feed After Day 1 To Promote Intestinal Health

-Add 1/2 measuring cup (50 g) of powder directly to calf’s regular feedings for the first 7 to 10 days of life.

This feed was made in facilities that do not handle or store products containing animal proteins prohibited in ruminant feeds.

Store at room temperature (72°F/22°C)


Manufactured by: The Saskatoon Colostrum Company Ltd., Saskatoon, SK, Canada and Laramie, WY, USA.



Distributed by: AltaGenetics USA Inc., Watertown, WI

Contents: 1 Dose (16.6 Oz / 470 G)

Nac No.

P.O. BOX 437, WATERTOWN, WI, 53094
Telephone:   920-261-5065
Toll-Free:   1-866-266-2582
Fax:   920-262-8022
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