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Bovine Enterichek (Canada)

This page contains information on Bovine Enterichek for veterinary use.
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Bovine Enterichek

This treatment applies to the following species:
Company: Biovet



Environmental bovine enteric microorganisms detection system.


The test strips allow the detection of certain microorganisms in bovine feces present in the environment. Microorganisms detected are: rotavirus, coronavirus, E. coli K99 (F5) and cryptosporidium.



- 5 test strips for the detection of rotavirus

- 5 test strips for the detection of coronavirus

- 5 test strips for the detection of E. coli K99 (F5)

- 5 test strips for the detection of cryptosporidium

- 10 bottles of dilution solution with measuring spoon


- For in vitro use only.

- Wear gloves when manipulating the samples.

- Do not use after the expiry date indicated on the package.

- Keep the test strips at room temperature (10-25°C) in a dry place.

- Take care to close the tube containing the strips immediately after use to preserve them from humidity and safeguard the reagents’ stability.

- Never use a test strip more than once.


1. With the measuring spoon take a sample of fresh feces from the immediate environment of the calves.

2. If the sample is liquid, collect one level spoonful (never use a sample volume of more than one level spoonful). Dilute it in the liquid contained in the bottle. Homogenize well and take care to avoid foam formation.

3. If the sample is solid, collect one level spoonful and remove the excess amount with a spatula or clean object if necessary, then dilute and homogenize as in step 2.

4. Plunge a strip, specific to the microorganism to detect, into the liquid, with the arrow pointing down. More than one strip may be immersed at the same time if you make sure they are separated from one another.

5. Be careful, the red portion of the strip (visible on the front of the strip) must not be immersed.

6. Keep the strip immersed for 10 minutes. Make sure the liquid is migrating towards the top of the strip.

7. Take the strip out of the liquid and interpret results. If the lines are very light wait an additional 5 minutes (do not put the strip back into the liquid) before interpreting the results.


2 lines = confirms the presence of the microorganism tested for.

1 line = confirms the absence of the microorganism tested for.

No line = invalid test

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