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Blücare Hematuria (Canada)

This page contains information on Blücare Hematuria for veterinary use.
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Blücare Hematuria

This treatment applies to the following species:
Company: Merck Animal Health


Blücare Hematuria helps detect traces of blood in your cat’s urine. The product comes in the form of small white granules that are easy to disperse on your cat’s litter.

Blücare Hematuria Indications

Recommended to detect the presence of blood in the urine as early as the microhematuria stage (urinary blood that is invisible to the naked eye). The presence of blood in a cat’s urine is strongly related to urinary disorders, such as feline idiopathic cystitis, urolithiasis and urinary infections.


1 Make sure the litter box is clean, with freshly added clay-based clumping litter.

2 Disperse a pouch of Blücare granules evenly over the litter.

3 Remove urine clumps and stools daily with a litter shovel. Observe the granules that have been in contact with your cat’s urine.

a) If the granules are WHITE or YELLOW, the test is negative and no blood was detected in the urine.

b) If the granules are BLUE, the test is positive and Blücare detected blood in your cat’s urine. Contact your veterinarian.

c) If you are UNSURE about the colour of the granules, remove all of the soiled granules from the litter box and replace them with new granules (if necessary). For the next 24-48 hours, pay close attention to your cat’s behaviour and the colour of the new Blücare granules as they come in contact with your cat’s urine. If you are still unsure about the colour of the granules, or if you have any doubt about the behaviour or the health of your cat, contact your veterinarian.


● Blücare can be used with most litters available on the market. For better detection results, a clay-based (bentonite) clumping litter should be used.

● It is highly recommended to clean the litter (removal of excrement) on a daily basis.

● Replace litter box contents according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Once sprinkled over the litter, Blücare granules maintain their effectiveness for a period of 30 days.


A cat’s natural instinct is to avoid showing any sign of weakness to potential predators. So if they’re sick, they try to hide it. As a result, cat owners might not necessarily notice that their pet has a health problem. Yet cats often suffer from urinary disorders, a problem that may reoccur despite proper treatment. That’s why a product that helps monitor urinary disorders is so useful. Since the detection of blood in the urine is strongly related to such disorders, Blücare Hematuria becomes a tool that helps you monitor the health of your cat’s urinary system.


In order to keep your cat in good health, be sure to give it plenty of fresh water and choose balanced high-quality food, formulated for its stage of development. Ask your veterinarian for advice. Also, provide your cat with an environment suited to its nature, with toys to play with and various observation spots.


Blücare granules contain a reactive molecule called tetramethylbenzidine (TMB), the safety of which has been studied by veterinarians. This molecule causes the colour of the granules to change from white to blue when they come into contact with red blood cells.


● Read the instructions carefully before performing the test, as the results can only be properly interpreted if the instructions and recommendations have been followed.

● Single use only.

● Do not use if pouch is open or damaged.

● Wash your hands with soap after pouring and removing granules, and after cleaning the litter box.

● External use only. Do not swallow.

● Keep out of reach of children.

● Store granules in a dry place and keep at room temperature below 30 °C (86 °F).

● Test results may be skewed, especially if your cat urinates several times on the same granules. Make sure to remove clumps and stools every day.

● If your cat’s urine contains very few red blood cells, or if the urinary composition is hostile to the enzymatic reaction (high pH, extreme urinary density, etc.), the granules may show no reaction and/or the blue colour of the Blücare granules may disappear over time.

● Using or storing the product in ways other than those specified conditions, or not conforming to the indicated restrictions of use, may skew results.


Blücare Hematuria is a product that can detect traces of blood in your cat’s urine. Traces of blood in the urine can be an indicator of a serious health issue. If the granules turn blue after coming in contact with your cat’s urine and/or if your cat shows any sign of illness or distress, consult your veterinarian.

Test results may vary based on conditions of use and other factors such as a cat’s diet and medication. Accuracy of results is not guaranteed. Subject to applicable public provisions, Blücare Laboratories Inc.’s liability with respect to any claim deriving from, or in relation to, the product or its use shall be limited to the price paid for the purchase of one unit of the product that gave rise to said claim.


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Guaranteed content of tetramethylbenzidine: 0.3%.

Presentation: Carton containing 2 x 20 g.

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