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Biomate Yeast Plus

This page contains information on Biomate Yeast Plus for veterinary use.
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Biomate Yeast Plus

This treatment applies to the following species:
Manufacturer: Chr. Hansen

Contains a source of live yeast culture. Contains a source of alpha-amylase which can hydrolyze starch, a source of protease which can hydrolyze protein and a source of lipase which can hydrolyze triglycerides for all livestock.


Total Yeast Cell Count, not less than 9 Billion Cells/g or 4 Trillion Cells/lb

Live Yeast Cell Count, not less than 5 Billion CFU*/g or 2 Trillion CFU/lb

*Colony Forming Units

Protease, not less than 192.5 *PC/g or 87,000 PC/lb

Lipase, not less than 19.8 **FIP/g or 9,000 FIP/lb

Alpha-Amylase, not less than 5.5 BAU/g or 2,500 ***BAU/lb

*Bacterial Amylase Units, **Bacterial Protease Units, ***Lipase Activity Units

(All enzymes derived from non-animal sources)


Rice Hulls, Dried Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Fermentation Product, Calcium Carbonate, Dried Bacillus Subtilis Fermentation Product, Dried Aspergillus Niger Fermentation Product, Dried Candida Rugosa Fermentation Product, and Sodium Silico Aluminate.

Directions For Use

Feed Biomate® Yeast Plus at a rate of 10 grams per head per day for lactating animals or 5 grams per head per day for dry animals.


Store in a cool, dry area for maximum stability. Avoid leaving bag open for extended periods of time.

This product is intended as a stabilized source of yeast culture and enzymes only. Buyer assumes all responsibility for use, storage and handling of this product. Chr. Hansen, Inc. makes no other claims or warranties expressed or implied, and will not be responsible for consequential or incidental damages.

NET WEIGHT: 40 LB (18.18 KG)

CHR HANSEN, 9015 West Maple Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53214


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NAC No.: 13110130

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Order Desk:   888-828-6600
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