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AviPro IB CT (Canada)

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Avipro Ib Ct

This treatment applies to the following species:
Manufacturer: L.A.H.I.

Bronchitis Vaccine, Connecticut Type, Live Virus

U.s. Vet. Lic. No.


Active Ingredient(s)

AVIPRO® IB CT is a live virus bronchitis (Conn. type) vaccine of chicken embryo origin. It has been lyophilized (freeze-dried) in vials and sealed under vacuum to preserve stability.

AviPro IB CT Indications

AVIPRO® IB CT is recommended for vaccination of chickens against infectious bronchitis, Connecticut type. This mild strain is suitable for primary vaccination.

AviPro IB CT Dosage And Administration

The vaccine is recommended for use at one (1) day of age or older. A second dose should be given at two (2) weeks of age or older. For replacement pullets, a booster vaccination should be given between 16 and 18 weeks of age.

Vaccinate healthy birds only.

Vaccination Methods:

Drinking Water Method: Remove any disinfectant or sanitizers from the drinking water for 24 hours prior to and after vaccination. Rinse all waterers with clean water. Do not use disinfectants. Withhold all water for at least one (1) hour to allow birds to get thirsty before giving the vaccine. Provide ample watering space so that all birds can drink easily.

Spray Method (for 20,000 and 10,000 dose size): Rehydrate with cool, distilled water in an amount sufficient to vaccinate the required number of chickens according to the directions of the field sprayer manufacturer. Field spray application should be used only in houses that can be tightly closed. Close all windows, doors, ventilators, etc. and turn off fan. Spray each 1,000 doses of vaccine directly into the faces of 1,000 birds. Leave the house closed for at least 15 minutes after spraying.

Vaccination Reaction: Respiratory symptoms will be more pronounced from the first vaccination and will vary with the age and the level of parental immunity in the chicks. While birds are going through the reaction period, keep them comfortable by providing adequate heat and good ventilation.


Store below 45°F (7°C).

Do not rehydrate the vaccine until ready for use.

Use the entire contents of the bottle when first opened.

Burn the containers and all unused contents.

AviPro IB CT Caution(s)

Always use eye goggles when spraying a live virus vaccine.

The use of this vaccine is subject to state laws wherever applicable.

Federal regulations prohibit the repackaging or sale of the contents of the package in fractional units. Do not accept if the seal is broken.


Do not vaccinate within 21 days before slaughter.



20000 doses


Nac No.

Telephone:   207-873-3989
Order Desk:   800-639-1581
Customer Service Fax:   207-873-4975
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