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AviPro 101 Coryza

This page contains information on AviPro 101 Coryza for veterinary use.
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AviPro 101 Coryza

This treatment applies to the following species:
Manufacturer: L.A.H.I.

Infectious Coryza Bacterin

U.S. Vet. Lic. No.: 196

Active Ingredient(s): The infectious coryza bacterin is prepared from concentrated cultures of three antigenic strains of Haemophilus paragallinarum.

The vaccine was carefully produced and passed all tests in accordance with the U.S. government requirements.

AviPro 101 Coryza Indications

The product is used as an aid in the prevention of infectious coryza due to H. paragallinarum.

Dosage and Administration

The pullets can be vaccinated when they are three weeks of age or older. Revaccination can be done at least three weeks after first vaccination and at least four weeks prior to onset of lay.

Shake for two (2) minutes before use.

Preparation of Vaccine: Remove the aluminum overseal, the vaccine is ready to use. Should greater than four (4) hours elapse between the first and last use of the vaccine from any one container, it is recommended that the vaccine be shaken again before continuing with the vaccinations.

Dosage: Inject each bird with a 0.5 mL dose intramuscularly in the breast or leg muscle.

Precaution(s): Keep the vaccine in the dark between 35-45°F (2-7°C). Do not freeze.

Caution(s): For veterinary use only.

Use aseptic precautions. Sterilize needles, syringes and stopper.

Vaccinate healthy birds only. Consult a poultry pathologist before vaccinating.

Burn the vaccine containers and all unused contents.

Use the entire contents when first opened.

It is imperative that the user of this product comply with the instructions stated in the direction sheet packed with each product. The vaccine must be prepared and administered as directed to obtain the best results.

The use of nonsterile needles under field vaccination may result in abscess formation and condemnation of the birds.

Warning(s): Do not market birds for at least six (6) weeks after vaccinating. Make sure that the birds marketed do not have swellings at the site of vaccine administration since this may result in condemnations of the birds.



1000 doses


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