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Autoclave Foam Cleaner

This page contains information on Autoclave Foam Cleaner for veterinary use.
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Autoclave Foam Cleaner

This treatment applies to the following species:
Company: SECUROS Surgical

A long-lasting conditioning foam spray for easy cleaning and deodorizing of your autoclave. The non-aerosol makeup is environmentally friendly and rinses freely leaving a residue free surface. It can also be used on stainless steel carts, trays and high quality instruments. Elimination of any unpleasant odors is also a great feature.

NOTE: Contains phosphoric acid which can cause burning - please use caution and wear appropriate protective gloves, eye protection and protective clothing. Must be shipped by Ground delivery.

If you have questions or comments regarding this product please call 1-877-266-3349 or email

*MSDS information available on SECUROS Surgical Instrument Care page.


For autoclave cleaning, conditioning and deodorization: Walls of autoclave must be cool. Spray the Autoclave Foam Cleaner liberally onto inside walls of autoclave. Allow to remain wet for 15-30 minutes. Brushing with non-metallic brush will speed the action. Rinse walls with copious amounts of water.

For stainless steel instruments, carts and trays: Spray the Autoclave Foam Cleaner liberally onto surfaces. Allow to remain wet for 15-30 minutes. Brushing with non-metallic brush will speed the action. Rinse cart or tray with copious amounts of water. Can also be used on high quality stainless steel instruments.

Cautions & Warnings: Use of gloves and eye protection is highly recommended.

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