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Anem-X 200

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Anem-X 200

This treatment applies to the following species:
Manufacturer: AgriPharm

200 mg/mL


ANADA 200-256, Approved by FDA

DESCRIPTION: Anem-X 200 (Iron Dextran Injection) is a sterile solution containing ferric hydroxide in complex with a low molecular weight dextran fraction equivalent to 200 mg elemental iron per mL with 0.5% phenol as a preservative.

ACTIONS: Anem-X 200 (Iron Dextran Injection) is easy and economical to use. Injection into the ham is rapid, safe, effective, quickly absorbed by the blood and goes to work immediately. With Anem-X 200 (Iron Dextran Injection), the right dosage can be given to every animal with assurance that it will be utilized. Iron deficiency anemia occurs commonly in the suckling pig, often within the first few days following birth. As body size and blood volume increase rapidly from the first few days following birth, hemoglobin levels in the blood fall due to diminishing iron reserves which cannot be replaced adequately from iron in the sow's milk. This natural deficiency lowers the resistance of the pig and scours, pneumonia or other infections may develop and lead to death of the animal. Pigs not hampered by iron deficiency anemia are more likely to experience normal growth and to maintain their normal level of resistance to disease. Adequate iron is necessary for normal, healthy, vigorous growth.

INDICATIONS: Anem-X 200 (Iron Dextran Injection) is intended for the prevention or treatment of anemia in baby pigs due to iron deficiency.

NOTICE: Organic iron preparation injected intramuscularly into pigs beyond 4 weeks of age may cause staining of the ham muscle.

DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATION: For the prevention of anemia due to iron deficiency, administer an intramuscular injection of 200 milligrams of elemental iron (1 mL) at 1 to 3 days of age. For the treatment of anemia due to iron deficiency, administer an intramuscular injection of 200 milligrams of elemental iron (1 mL) at the first signs of anemia.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Disinfect rubber stopper of vial as well as site of injection. Use small needle (20 gauge, 5/8 inch) that has been sterilized (boiled in water for 20 minutes). Injection should be intramuscular into the back of the ham. Place tension on the skin over the rear of the ham and inject to a depth of 1/2” or slightly more.

Anem-X 200 (Iron Dextran Injection) cannot be considered a substitute for sound animal husbandry. If disease is present in the litter, CONSULT A VETERINARIAN.

SIDE EFFECTS: Occasionally pigs may show a reaction to injectable iron, clinically characterized by prostration with muscular weakness. In extreme cases, death may result.

HOW SUPPLIED: Anem-X 200 (Iron Dextran Injection), 200 mg/mL is available in 100 mL multidose vials.

Store at controlled room temperature 59°-86°F (15°-30°C).

For Animal Use Only



Rev. 12-99

Mfd. in U.S.A.

Manufactured for Agripharm Products, Westlake, TX 76262 U.S.A.

Distributed by: Dealer Distribution of America



100 mL

Rev. 06-02

NAC No.: 14570083

822 7TH STREET, SUITE 605, GREELEY, CO, 80631
Telephone:   817-859-3000
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