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Allerpet (Canada)

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This treatment applies to the following species:
Manufacturer: Central Sales

Active Ingredient(s): DI UV water, quaternium-26, hydrolyzed animal protein, glycerin, quaternium-22, cocamidopropylbetaine, steartrimonium hydrolyzed animal protein, allantoin, d-panthenol, aloe vera gel, imidazolidinyl urea, and collagen.

Allerpet Indications

ALLERPET® is a non-toxic grooming emollient that cleanses an animal's coat of dander, saliva and urine antigens.

Dosage and Administration

Cats and Dogs:

Initial Application: If possible, the first application or two of ALLERPET® should be performed by someone other than the allergic person. In most instances, subsequent applications can be performed by the allergic person.

First: Place a large terry towel under the animal. Wet a sponge or cloth with just enough ALLERPET® to make it damp, not enough to drip when squeezed. Lightly wipe the animal down. Only the surface of the hair should be slightly damp.

Second: Use a fine toothed metal comb for cats and a brush for dogs to remove as much dead hair as possible. Clean the comb or brush frequently and deposit the hair into a waste basket that has been placed nearby.

Third: Rewet the sponge or cloth with ALLERPET® and thoroughly run it over the animal, first, against the lay of the hair and then with it. Pay attention to the areas that the pet licks most often, especially around the genitals where urine usually collects.

Subsequent Applications: ALLERPET® should be applied once a week. Combing or brushing will vary with individual pets. It does not have to be done each time ALLERPET® is applied unless the pet is out of doors frequently or it is pollen season.

The longer a cat or dog resides in a home and is allowed freedom of access to all rooms, the more likely it is that large amounts of dander will have accumulated. Dander becomes deeply embedded in the carpets and furniture. Consequently, ALLERPET® may have to be applied more frequently during the first few weeks, because of the previously deposited dander.

Allergy sufferers will also find that it is beneficial to brush and comb their cats and dogs regularly, especially those that are permitted to roam out of doors. This will keep tangles that tend to collect dirt, dander and pollen from forming. Even more important, it removes loose hair before it has a chance to circulate throughout the house.

Pets that shed heavily will require more frequent applications of ALLERPET®. During dry spells and in arid climates, using a little ALLERPET® in a spray bottle between applications will be especially helpful.

Rabbits, Ferrets, Hamsters, Gerbils, Guinea Pigs, and Other Small Animals: To control the dander of a caged pet, moisten a sponge or cloth with ALLERPET®/C. Rub the pet's fur, both with and against the hair. Dry thoroughly with a towel, making certain that the pet is not placed in a draft. Repeat this procedure once a week. Good sanitary habits, including frequent cage cleaning, using fresh bedding and good ventilation are important.

When possible, wash hands after handling any pet. May be harmful to skin and eyes.

Presentation: ALLERPET® is available in: ALLERPET® Professional, a “Not for Resale” concentration for professional use only.


473 mL

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