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Allerderm Spot-On for Medium & Large Dogs

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Allerderm Spot-On for Medium & Large Dogs

This treatment applies to the following species:
Manufacturer: Virbac




EZ Compliance™

Skin Lipid Complex (Ceramides, Fatty Acids)


FOR BEST RESULTS: please follow directions as provided by your veterinarian and as indicated on this package.

USES: ALLERDERM® Spot-On contains Skin Lipid Complex, an exclusive blend of ceramides and fatty acids similar to those found in normal, healthy canine skin. ALLERDERM® Spot-On is formulated for use in topical skin care for dogs with damaged or compromised skin. It is specially formulated to provide adjunctive therapy for dogs with skin disease by combining ingredients that help restore skin integrity and balance.

The application of ALLERDERM® Spot-On restores the protective barrier function of the epidermis (skin) (1) resulting in enhanced hydration, less sensitivity and more protection. Renewed epidermal integrity helps the skin help itself to stay healthy (2).

CONTAINS: Ceramides and Fatty Acids.

Directions For Use

To open: hold the pipette upright and twist off the top.

Part the dog’s hair coat between the shoulder blades until skin is visible. Place the tip of the pipette directly in contact with the skin and squeeze gently to apply the contents to the skin. Repeat this procedure along the dog’s back.

ALLERDERM® Spot-On may also be applied directly on problem skin areas and lesions.

INITIAL DOSE: One (1) pipette per week for 4 weeks. In severe cases, two to three (2 to 3) pipettes per week may be used, up to one per day if necessary.

MAINTENANCE DOSE: To prevent relapses, and for skin and hair coat health maintenance: one (1) pipette per month.

For best results apply after bathing, when the fur is completely dry.

Avoid prolonged storage at temperature above 77°F (25°C).

Virbac ANIMAL HEALTH, P.O. Box 162059, Fort Worth, Texas 76161


Product of France.

6 pipettes of 4 ml each / 0.135 oz

≥ 20lb


NAC No.: 10231200

Virbac Corporation

P.O. BOX 162059, FORT WORTH, TX, 76161
Telephone:   817-831-5030
Order Desk:   800-338-3659
Fax:   817-831-8327
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