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All-Trace for Cattle (Canada)

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All-Trace for Cattle

This treatment applies to the following species:
Company: Vétoquinol



DIN 02327767


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For use only in adult cattle on pasture



Active ingredients (per 76g active matrix/bolus)

Daily dose (from 2 boluses)

Copper (as copper oxide)

16,187 mg

135.00 mg

Selenium (as sodium selenite)

247 mg

2.00 mg

Cobalt (as cobalt carbonate)

235 mg

2.00 mg

Iodine (as calcium iodate)

505 mg

4.20 mg

Manganese (as manganese sulphate)

8,768 mg

73.10 mg

Zinc (as zinc sulphate and oxide)

13,326 mg

111.00 mg



All-Trace® for Cattle boluses are designed to provide to adult cattle that proportion of their dietary requirement of six trace elements not adequately supplied by grass or forage based diets. The boluses lie in the reticulum at the forward base of the rumen and slowly dissolve from a constant surface area, thus providing a continuous supply of trace elements to the animal for approximately eight (8) months. The boluses dissolve completely, leaving no residue in the rumen.

All-Trace for Cattle Indications

A supplement of 6 trace minerals (copper, cobalt, selenium, zinc, manganese and iodine) for adult cattle on pasture. As an aid in restoring normal liver copper levels in adult cattle on copper-deficient pastures.

As an aid in restoring selenium levels in adult cattle on selenium-deficient pastures.

Dosage and Administration

For use in ruminating cattle over 150 kg body weight. Administer orally two (2) whole, undamaged All-Trace for Cattle boluses per animal. Administer at the beginning of the pasture season. The active life of the bolus is 8 months.

If, during administration, the protective coating on the bolus becomes chewed or damaged the

bolus will dissolve at a faster rate. Care should be taken not to drop the boluses onto a hard surface.

Administration: Administer the All-Trace® for Cattle bolus using the Agrimin cattle double bolus applicator. Load the gun by inserting the FLAT end of the two boluses into the gun so that the smooth DOMED head of the boluses will enter the animals mouth first.

The gun should be passed carefully and gently into the animal’s mouth until the cup is in the region of the back of the tongue. Severe pressure on the tongue should be avoided. Gently squeeze the handle/plunger to deliver the boluses on to the rear part of the tongue, thereby initiating a swallowing action. The gun should then be carefully withdrawn, taking care during removal to maintain its central position in the mouth.

General administration advice:

● Ensure that the head and neck of the animal are extended in a straight line. Once the boluses have been ejected from the gun their progress will depend on the reflex swallowing of the animal. Any restraint, which interferes with this action, is likely to reduce the chances of proper administration.

● Restraint in cattle is best provided by means of a cattle crate. The use of too severe a restraint, such as gripping the tongue, raising the nose too high by means of bulldogs etc. should be avoided as this may interfere with swallowing. Before releasing the animal watch for a few moments to ensure that the boluses have been swallowed.

● The length and curvature of the gun are designed to facilitate the placing of the All-Trace boluses on to the back of the tongue and under no circumstances must the head of the gun be allowed to pass this point.

● Regurgitation of boluses can occur at any stage following administration but experience has shown that the incidence is usually of a very low order and is more likely to be encountered towards the end of the active life of the bolus.

CONTRA-INDICATIONS: Do not administer to cattle grazing pasture known to be high in selenium or where selenium-accumulating plants are known to occur. Do not administer additional copper, cobalt, selenium during the active life of the bolus (8 months), unless under veterinary advice. Do not use if bolus is damaged.

CAUTIONS: Do not administer to non-ruminating cattle or ruminating cattle less than 150 kg body weight. Smaller cattle may experience some difficulty in swallowing boluses. Care should be taken not to damage the bolus prior to, or during, administration. If in doubt as to the selenium status of the cattle, consult your veterinarian or provincial agricultural authority.


No withdrawal period is required for cattle when treated according to the label. Keep out of reach of children.


Store in a cool, dry place, below 25°C. Store out of direct sunlight. Reseal partially used packs.

PRESENTATION: Available in a box of 20 x 107g boluses (10 doses)

Agrimin Ltd., Arlanda Way, Humberside Airport, Kirmington, North Lincolnshire, DN39 6YH, UK.

Imported and Distributed by: Vétoquinol N.-A. Inc., 2000, ch. Georges, Lavaltrie, QC Canada J5T 3S5


CPN: 1234398.0

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Telephone:   450-586-2252
Order Desk:   800-363-1700
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