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Alfalfa Pellet Horse Wormer

This page contains information on Alfalfa Pellet Horse Wormer for veterinary use.
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Alfalfa Pellet Horse Wormer

This treatment applies to the following species:
Manufacturer: Farnam

Active Ingredient(s)

Piperazine, dehydrated alfalfa and artificial flavors.

Piperazine phosphate monohydrate


Equivalent to 21% (44.69 g) piperazine base.

Alfalfa Pellet Horse Wormer Indications

For the control of the four major species of internal parasites: Large strongyles or bloodworms (Strongylus vulgaris), large roundworms or ascarids (Parascaris equorum), small strongyles and pinworms (Oxyuris equi). Recommended for the treatment of all horses and ponies. Can be used on foals over three months of age. Can be used on mares until foaling time. Excellent for horses in heavy training and valuable race and show horses.

Alfalfa Pellet Horse Wormer Dosage And Administration

The prescribed dosage for horses is 50 mg of piperazine base (119 mg of piperazine phosphate) per pound of body weight. Each pack contains 7.5 oz. by weight, enough to treat an adult horse weighing 900 lbs.

Table of Recommended Dosages


Approx. 300 lbs.

2.50 oz.


Approx. 600 lbs.

5.00 oz.

Adult Horses

Approx. 900 lbs.

7.50 oz.

For horses over 900 lbs. in weight, increase the dosage proportionately according to the above table.

Treatment: Dose each horse individually. Carefully determine the weight of the animal to be treated and determine the correct dosage. Mix ALFALFA PELLET WORMER thoroughly with the amount of grain the horse will consume in a single feeding. Do not give the horse additional feed that day until the treated feed is fully consumed. Most horses will take the medicated feed readily and should be given plenty of good hay when all grain is consumed. If the horse won't eat the medication, add liquid molasses.

Note: Horses are constantly subject to reinfestation, particularly through grazing in confined pastures. Therefore, periodic worming and good stable sanitation are essential. For the most effective control of internal parasites, use ALFALFA PELLET WORMER every 8-10 weeks.


Store out of direct sunlight.

Alfalfa Pellet Horse Wormer Caution(s)

Recommended dosages should be followed carefully. Animals with known kidney pathology should be treated only by a veterinarian.


This drug is not to be administered to horses that are to be slaughtered for use in food.

Keep out of reach of children.

Not for human use.


7.5 oz. packet.

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