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Strepsils Sore Throat 2% w/v Spray
Lidocaine hydrochloride
50 doses (approx)
20ml e
For sever sore throats
Strepsils Sore Throat 2.0% w/v Spray is an anaesthetic spray for the relief of symptoms of severe
sore throat.
Before you use this medicine
Do not use if you
• Are a child under 12 years
• Suffer from asthma or bronchospasm (wheezing)
• Are allergic to any of the ingredients listed on the side panel
• Are allergic to local anaesthetics of the amide-type.
• Have been told you have or may have a rare blood condition called methaemoglobinaemia.
• Contains 30 vol % ethanol (alcohol), i.e., up to 0.13 mg per dose, equivalent to 2.6ml beer,
1.08ml wine per dose. Harmful for those suffering from alcoholism. To be taken into account
in pregnant or breast-feeding women, children and high-risk groups such as patients with
liver disease, or epilepsy.
• If you are taking any other medicines, check with a pharmacist or doctor before using this
• If you are pregnant, think you may be pregnant or are breast-feeding, speak to your doctor
before using this product.
• Do not inhale and avoid contact with the eyes.
• May cause numbness of the tongue so take care when eating and drinking hot foods.
• If symptoms persist after 3 days or are accompanied by high fever, headache, nausea or
vomiting talk to your pharmacist or doctor.
• If you accidentally use too much spray and feel unwell, talk to a doctor immediately.
How to use
This product is for short term use only. You should take the lowest dose for the shortest time
necessary to relieve your symptoms. For oral use only.
On first use or after storage, spray 3 times away from face into sink.
Adults and children over 12 years: Aim nozzle at the back of the throat and spray 3 times – this is
one dose. Repeat every 3 hours as required. Do not take more than 6 doses in any 24 period.
WARNING: Do not take more medicine than the label tells you to.
If you take more Strepsils Sore Throat 2.0% w/v Spray than you should, you may feel drowsy or
nauseous. You should seek immediate medical advice in the event of an overdose, even if you feel
Possible side effects
• If symptoms of an allergic reaction occur (rash, swelling of the face, lips, tongue, difficulty
breathing) stop using the product and seek medical attention.

Reporting of side effects
If you get any side effects, talk to your doctor, pharmacist or nurse. This includes any possible side
effects not listed in this leaflet. You can also report side effects directly via the Yellow Card Scheme
By reporting side affects you can help provide more information on the safety of this medicine.
What is in Strepsils Sore Throat 2% w/v Spray
• Active ingredient: Lidocaine Hydrochloride Ph.Eur 2.6 mg per spray.
• Also contains: Purified Water, Ethanol (30%)*, Sorbitol (E420), Sodium Citrate, Saccharin,
Carmoisine (E122), Favours (Peppermint, Levomenthol, Aniseed).
*One dose contains 0.13ml/0.13g alcohol (ethanol)
Do not use after the expiry date on pack.
MA holder: Reckitt Benkciser Healthcare (UK) Limited, Hull HU8 7DS
Manufacturer: BCM Limited. NG2 3AA
PL 00063/0403
Text prepared: Jan 2016.

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