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Active substance(s): WATER FOR INJECTIONS

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What is in your

How your injection will
be given

Your injection is called SteriAmp Water For Injections BP.

You will be given your injection
according to the doctors

Steri-Amp Water for Injections
BP is used in the preparation or
dilution of small volume

After been given your

Dosage and

If you notice any changes in
the way you feel immediately
after been given your injection,
tell your doctor straight away.

Adults (including the elderly)
and children: According to the
instructions of the physician

It contains

Each ampoule contains 5ml,
10ml or 20ml of Water For
Injections BP.

If you are not
sure about
anything, or you
want to know
more, ask your
doctor or a

Who makes your
Your injection is made by: IVAX
Pharmaceuticals UK, Runcorn,
Cheshire WA7 3FA, UK.
The marketing authorisation
holder is IVAX Pharmaceuticals
UK, Albert Basin, Royal Docks,
London E16 2QJ, UK.

What your injection is

Patient information leaflet

Steri-Amp Water for Injections BP
5ml,10ml and 20ml

Please read this
leaflet carefully
before you are
given your

Steri-Amp Water For Injections
BP is used to dilute other drugs
before they are given to you.

Before you are given
your injection
Please tell your doctor before
you are given your injection if
you have had problems after
taking injections in the past.

Looking after your
Your injection will have been
kept under the correct storage
conditions in the pharmacy.

Steri-Amp Water for Injections
BP is a sterile pyrogen-free
preparation containing Water
for Injections prepared to
British Pharmacopoeial
standards. The preparation is a
clear fluid supplied in
disposable, sealed, blow
moulded, semi-rigid containers
made from polyethylene. The
Steri-Amp is terminally


Warnings, etc
Contra-Indications: None.
Precautions: Do not use unless
the product is clear, or if there
is any evidence of leaking prior
to breaking the seal. Check for
leaks by squeezing the SteriAmp before use.
Side Effects: None.

Recommended storage
conditions: Steri-Amp Water for
Injections BP should not be
stored above 25°C. Do not

Fig. 2

Legal Category

You do not need to use a
‘sharps’ bin for Steri-Amp
disposal (figure 5).


Package Quantities
Cartons of: 20 x 5ml
20 x 10ml
20 x 20ml

3 To open, hold body of Steri-Amp
firmly and twist off head in
direction indicated by arrow
(Figure 3).
Fig. 3

Handling Instructions
1 Separate a Steri-Amp from a
strip by holding firmly at the
head and tearing swiftly
downwards (Figure 1).
Fig. 1

5 Hold the syringe in one hand
and with the index finger of
that hand flex the Steri-Amp
slightly upwards, draw up
contents SLOWLY to avoid
excess air uptake. Dispose of
Steri-Amp and any unused
contents immediately.

4 Dock syringe luer with SteriAmp and push firmly home
(Figure 4).
Fig. 4

Fig. 5

Steri-Amp is a trademark.
This leaflet was revised
in September 2004.

Steri-Amp Water for Injections BP
5ml,10ml and 20ml

Keep out of the reach and
sight of children

2 Before opening the Steri-Amp,
shake excess fluid out of the
head as though shaking a
thermometer (Figure 2).

Patient information leaflet

The shelf life of the unopened
preparation is 3 years.
Discard any surplus.

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