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Active substance(s): CODEINE / GUAIACOL

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If you take more Pulmo Bailly
than you should: Contact your
doctor or go to your nearest hospital
immediately. Symptoms of overdose
include sleepiness, rash, pinpoint
pupils, vomiting, itching, coordination
problems, excitement, nettle rash and
shallow breathing. If you have any further
questions on the use of this product,
ask your doctor or pharmacist.


Like all medicines, Pulmo Bailly can cause
side effects, although not everybody gets
them. All medicines can cause allergic
reactions, although serious allergic reactions
are very rare. Speak to your doctor
straight away if you get any sudden
wheeziness, difficulty in breathing,
swelling of the eyelids, face or lips,
rash or itching (especially affecting
your whole body). Pulmo Bailly may
cause drowsiness or constipation.
Medicines containing codeine may
cause the following side effects:
■ Feeling sick (nausea).
■ Vomiting.
■ Abdominal pains.
■ Feeling ‘high’ (euphoria).
■ Seeing or hearing things that
aren’t there (hallucinations).
■ Dizziness on standing.
■ Little or no urine production.
■ Fainting.
■ Sedation.
■ Visual disturbances.
■ Rapid, slow or irregular heartbeat.
Reporting of side effects: If you
experience any side effects, consult your
doctor or pharmacist. This includes any

possible side effects not listed in this leaflet.
You can also report side effects directly via
the Yellow Card Scheme at
uk/yellowcard. By reporting side effects you
can help provide more information on the
safety of this medicine.
Pulmo Bailly should be kept out of the
reach and sight of children. Do not store
above 25°C and protect from light.
Do not use Pulmo Bailly after the expiry
date as indicated on the label and box.
The expiry date refers to the last day
of the month.
Medicine should not be disposed of in
waste-water or with household garbage.
Ask your pharmacist what you should
do with medications you no longer need.
These measures will help to protect the
What Pulmo Bailly contains: The active
substances per 5ml are Codeine 7.0mg
and Guaiacol 75.0mg.
The other ingredients are: Phosphoric
acid, sucrose, glycerol, burnt sugar solution
and purified water.
What Pulmo Bailly looks like and
contents of the pack: Pulmo Bailly is
available as an amber glass bottle with
plastic child resistant lid. Pack size: 90 ml.
Marketing Authorisation Holder
and Manufacturer: DDD Limited,
94 Rickmansworth Road, Watford,
Hertfordshire, United Kingdom, WD18 7JJ.
This leaflet was last revised in February 2015.

Job No: 26086-01

Pulmo Bailly PIL amends

Version Number: v11b


Client: Dendron


PMS 304

Trim: 120 x 165 mm

Cutter Guide: N/A

Originator: Steve Holman

Bleed: 3 mm

Barcode: N/A

% of actual size: 100%

Read all of this leaflet carefully before
you start using this medicine.

Keep this leaflet. You may need to
read it again.

Ask your pharmacist or doctor if you
need more information or advice.

Contact your doctor if your symptoms
worsen or do not improve after 5 days.

If you experience any side effects and
they worsen or if you notice any side
effects not listed in this leaflet, please
tell your pharmacist or doctor.

In this leaflet:
1. What Pulmo Bailly is and what
it is used for.
2. Before you take Pulmo Bailly.
3. How you take Pulmo Bailly.
4. Possible side effects.
5. How to store Pulmo Bailly.
6. Further information.


Date: 10/04/2015

Amended by: Steve / Dave

7mg Codeine and 75mg Guaiacol per 5ml

Data Matrix: P0310
Filleigh / Barnstaple / Bristol /
London / Chester

01598 760 700
Accurate for content only. Refer to
printers proofs for colour matching.

Pulmo Bailly is a pale amber oral liquid
that contains the active ingredients
codeine and guaiacol. Codeine is one of
a group of medicines called anti-tussives
(help to prevent coughing) and guaiacol
is an expectorant (loosens phlegm).
Pulmo Bailly is for the relief of
coughs caused by:
■ Colds.
■ Bronchial (lung) catarrh.
■ Flu.
■ Upper airways infections such as
laryngitis (inflammation of the voicebox
causing hoarseness) and pharyngitis
(sore throat).
You should not take Pulmo Bailly if you:
■ Are allergic (hypersensitive) to codeine,
guaiacol or any other ingredients of
Pulmo Bailly (see list of ingredients in
Section 6).
■ Are pregnant or breastfeeding.
■ Have a severe liver disease.
■ Have a severe breathing problem
or asthma.
■ Have a head injury or you have been
told you have high pressure in your
skull (intracranial pressure).
■ You have a disease or problem with
your digestive tract.
■ Know that you metabolise very rapidly
codeine into morphine.

Take special care with Pulmo Bailly
and tell your doctor if you have:
■ A history of alcoholism.
■ Breathing problems.
■ A kidney disorder.
■ A liver disorder.
■ Inflammation of the large intestine
(ulcerative colitis).
■ An enlarged prostate gland.
■ Chronic bronchitis (long-lasting
inflammation of the airways).
■ Bronchietasis (abnormal widening of
one or more airways) as the product
may cause build up of phlegm in
the lungs.
The long-term use of codeine-containing
products can lead to a dependence to
them. Also prolonged use in the elderly
may cause severe constipation.
Tell your doctor if you still have
a cough after 5 days.
Taking other medicines:
You should tell your doctor if you are
taking or have taken any medicines,
including medicines obtained without a
prescription. This is especially important
of the following medicines as they may
interact with Pulmo Bailly:
■ Alcohol.
■ Drugs that affect the brain such as
sleeping tablets.
■ Metoclopramide (used for digestive
disorders or to prevent sickness).

Pregnancy and breastfeeding:
Do not take this medicine if you are
pregnant or breastfeeding. Codeine
and morphine passes into breast milk.
Driving and using machines:
Pulmo Bailly may cause sleepiness.
Do not drive or operate machinery whilst
taking this medicine until you know how it
affects you. It may be an offence to drive
if your ability to drive safely is affected.
There is further information for patients
who are intending to drive in Great Britain go to
Important information about some
of the ingredients of Pulmo Bailly:
Pulmo Bailly contains sucrose and burnt
sugar solution. If you have been told by
your doctor that you have an intolerance
to some sugars, contact your doctor
before taking Pulmo Bailly.
Dosage (Adults): Up to two 5ml
teaspoonfuls should be taken in half a
small glass of water three times daily
before meals. A further two teaspoonfuls
should be taken at bedtime to help sleep.
Sugar or fruit squash may be added.
Dosage (Elderly): The elderly may need
a reduced dose if they have a liver or
kidney disorder.
Pulmo Bailly is not recommended
to children under 18 years old.

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