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How to use:
Apply Videne Antiseptic Solution
to the skin undiluted in the area
to be disinfected and paint on
with a gauze swab. It can then
be removed with sterile gauze


Antiseptic Solution

Videne Antiseptic Solution is an
all-purpose antiseptic for topical use.
Active ingredient: Povidone-Iodine 10%
w/w (1% w/w available iodine).
Other ingredients: Alkyl Phenol Ether
Sulphate (Ammonium Salt), Glycerin BP,
Citric Acid, Anhydrous Sodium Phosphate,
Purified Water BP.
Videne Antiseptic solution may be used
wherever an effective antiseptic is required
for the skin e.g. in casualty work or for
pre-operative skin preparation. It will give a
colour delineation (marking) to the skin
which effectively indicates which areas of
the skin remain antiseptic.
For external use only, not to be taken

There are no special dosage
recommendations for children or
elderly patients.
Do not use if you are allergic to
any of the ingredients listed.
Do not use if pregnant as iodine
may be absorbed trough the
skin and may affect thyroid tests
carried out on your baby.
Do not use if breastfeeding or
on newborn babies.

Take Care:

Licence holder, manufacturer
and assembler:
Ecolab Ltd.
Lotherton Way, Garforth
Leeds LS25 2JY
Tel: +44 (0)113 232 0066
PL 04509/0041

4 028163 037486



Videne Antiseptic Solution may
also be applied on impregnated
gauze swabs which are then
held onto the skin with

Peel Here

If you get this product in your
eye, cleanse with a large
quantity of running water and
seek medical attention.
Preparations containing
Povidone-Iodine may
temporarily discolour some
precious metals and
permanently stain rhodium
plated white gold.

Batch No, Expiry and Manufacture date to be overprinted on the label

Action to be taken if
In the event of oral ingestion seek
medical attention.

In very rare instances Videne
Antiseptic Solution may produce
skin reactions in iodine-sensitive
patients. These reactions usually
subside when the treatment is
stopped. If they are severe or
symptoms persist, consult your
doctor or pharmacist.
Keep out of the reach and sight
of children.
Do not use this product after the
expiry date indicated on the
Store below 30°C in a dry place,
protected from light.
Text Revised June 2008.

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