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Important things you need
to know


Whole Linseed, Senna leaf &
Frangula bark

Do's & Don'ts


This product is a traditional
herbal medicinal product
for the short term relief of
occasional constipation based
on traditional use only.
This product is suitable for
anyone over 12 years.
Don't take this product if
you are allergic to any of the
ingredients: see section 6.
Before you take this product:
read section 2.
Dosage instructions: see
section 3.
It is normally sufficient to
take this product 2-3 times
per week.
Talk to your doctor if your
symptoms worsen or persist
after taking this product for 1
Side effects may occur: see
section 4.
Now read the rest of this leaflet
carefully. Keep this leaflet. You
may need to read it again.

1. What this product
is for

2. Before you take
this product

Linoforce is a traditional herbal
medicinal product for the
short term relief of occasional
constipation based on traditional
use only. Linoforce does not help
with weight loss.

Do not take this product

Linoforce contains the herbs
linseed, senna and frangula which
are all known for their laxative
effect. Linseed helps bulk and
soften the stool whilst senna and
frangula stimulate the muscles
of the bowel to help bowel

What is constipation?
Constipation is when your bowel
movements are less frequent
or more difficult to pass than
is normal for you. It is a very
common condition. The following
recommendations may help
prevent constipation reoccurring:
Make sure you get enough
fibre in your diet
Drink plenty of water
Take regular exercise
Never ignore the urge to go to
the toilet


Severe dehydration
A hormonally dependent
tumour (this applies to
women only)

If you are under 12 years.

If you have already taken a
laxative and are still constipated.

If you are allergic to any of the
ingredients in the product (see
section 6 Further Information).

If you have difficulty swallowing
or have throat problems.

If you have severe or persistent
abdominal pain, sickness or
feeling of sickness for which you
don't know the cause.
If you have had a sudden
change in bowel habit that has
persisted for more than 2 weeks.
If you suffer from
Blood in your stools
Blockage or narrowing of
the gastro-intestinal tract
or bowel (ileus, intestinal
obstruction or stenosis)
Paralysis or a lack of
muscle tone (atony) in the
Abnormal dilation of the
bowel (megacolon)
Inflammatory bowel
disease such as Crohn's
disease or ulcerative colitis
Faecal impaction
Rectal bleeding for which
you don't know the cause

If you have problems with your
If you have a heart condition.
If you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
If you are taking any of the
following medicines speak
to your doctor before taking
Medicines for a heart
Medicines to slow the
muscle contractions of
the bowel (e.g. opiods,
Medicines which induce
QT prolongation
Liquorice root
If you are not sure if this product
is suitable for you, consult your
doctor, pharmacist or qualified
healthcare practitioner.

Take special care with this
If you have been told by
your doctor that you have an
intolerance to some sugars, see
your doctor before taking this
product. This product contains
If you need to take laxatives
every day see your doctor
before you take this product. It
may not be suitable for you.
See your doctor before taking
this product if you have a
kidney disorder as this product
may cause an electrolyte

Taking with food and
Linoforce should be taken with
a glass of water or juice.

Taking other medicines
Linoforce should not be taken
at the same time as other
medicines. Take Linoforce ½
to 1 hour before or after any
other medicines.


Patient Information Leaflet

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3. How to take this
Adults, elderly and children over
12 years: Take 1 level measuring
spoon at night along with a glass of
water or juice.
Not for use in children under 12.
For oral use only. Don't take more
than the recommended dose.

Take special care with this
Take this product with at least
150 ml of water or juice and
make sure you continue to drink
plenty of water. Taking this
product without enough fluid
may cause choking or may block
your intestine.
Elderly or weak patients should
be supervised.
Do not take this product for
more than 1 week. If symptoms
persist after 1 week, consult
your doctor. Laxatives do not
help long-term weight loss.

If you take too much
If you feel ill, see your doctor.
The symptoms of an overdose
or excessive use may be
abdominal pain and diarrhoea.


It may be harmful to take too
much of this product or to take
this product for too long.
Taking too much for too long
may lead to:
A 'lazy bowel', where
the muscle in the bowel
becomes too relaxed.
This means that bowel
emptying happens less
often. This can lead to
long-term constipation.
Imbalance of fluid and
salts in the body. This
can affect the tightness
of muscles such as those
in the bowel. It can also
affect the salts in the
Low levels of potassium in
the blood (hypokalaemia).
This can make you tired,
dizzy, make your muscles
weak and cause an
uneven heart-beat.
Dehydration, making
you thirsty, feel faint and
giving you headaches. It
can also mean you cannot
pass enough urine.

If you forget to take this
Don't worry about the missed
dose. Take the next dose as usual.

After taking this product
If you experience chest pain, are
sick or have difficulty breathing
or swallowing, you must stop
taking this product and see a
doctor immediately.
If your symptoms worsen or
do not improve within 1 week,
speak to your doctor or qualified
healthcare practitioner.
If you experience stomach or
abdominal pain stop taking this
product and see your doctor.

4. Possible side

Stop taking the product and consult
your doctor if these occur.
Digestive symptoms
Swelling of the abdomen
Abdominal pain or spasms
If these occur reduce the dose. If the
side effects persist stop taking the
product and consult your doctor.

Reporting of side effects

Side effects

If you get any side effects, talk to
your doctor, pharmacist or nurse.
This includes any possible side
effects not listed in this leaflet.
You can also report side effects
directly via the Yellow Card
Scheme at:

This product may make your urine
appear yellow or red-brown in
colour. This is a harmless effect.

By reporting side effects you can
help provide more information
on the safety of this medicine.

Like all medicines, this product can
cause side effects, although not
everybody gets them.

Allergic reactions
Skin reactions:
Itching (pruritis)
Red, itchy spots (urticaria)
These reactions can be local or more
widespread across the body.

You can get a larger
print or audio version
of this leaflet. Call
this number:
0845 608 5858.


5. How to store this
Keep out of the sight and reach
of children.
Do not use this product after the
expiry date on the bottom of the
container. The expiry date refers
to the last day of that month.
Do not store above 30°C.
Do not use this product if you
notice a change in appearance.
The granules should be dark brown
in colour and smell of vanilla.

6. Further Information
What this product contains
1 measuring spoon (4.1 g) contains:
Linseed, whole
1.76 g
(Linum usitatissimum L., semen)
Senna leaf
0.43-0.70 g
(Cassia senna L. and/or Cassia
angustifolia VAHL, folium)
Frangula bark
36-58 mg
(Rhamnus frangula L., cortex)

This product contains 480 mg of
sucrose per measuring spoon (4.1 g).

What this product looks like
and contents of the pack
Linoforce granules are dark brown
in colour and smell of vanilla.
Linoforce granules are available in
70 g and 300 g packs. Not all pack
sizes may be marketed.

Traditional Herbal
Registration Holder and
Traditional Herbal Registration
Holder and Batch Release:
Bioforce (UK) Ltd,
2 Brewster Place,
Irvine, Ayrshire, UK
KA11 5DD
Bioforce AG, CH-9325, Roggwil
THR 13668/0021

Certification Mark

This corresponds to 20.5 mg
hydroxyanthracene derivatives,
calculated as sennoside B.

This leaflet was revised on 08/2015

The other ingredients are talc,
sucrose, calcium carbonate, spray
dried acacia, red iron oxide (E172),
calcium lactate pentahydrate, black
iron oxide (E172), vanillin, ginger oil
and yellow beeswax.

Bioforce runs a helpline by phone
and email which can provide you
with further information.

You should also know

40517IN2 09543700/140815


Phone: 0845 608 5858

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