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Your medicine is called Qvar 100 micrograms
Autohaler but will be referred to as Qvar
Autohaler throughout this leaflet.
Qvar 50 micrograms Autohaler is also available

Read all of this
leaflet carefully
before you start
using this

 Keep this
leaflet. You
may need to
read it again.

 If you have any
questions, ask
your doctor or

 This medicine
has been
prescribed for
you. Do not
pass it on to
others. It may
harm them,
even if their
symptoms are
the same as


Qvar® 100 micrograms Autohaler®
(beclometasone dipropionate)

 If any of the side
effects get
serious, or if you
notice any side
effects not listed
in this leaflet,
please tell your
doctor or

1. What Qvar Autohaler is and what it is
used for
2. Before you use Qvar Autohaler
3. How to use Qvar Autohaler
4. Possible side effects
5. How to store Qvar Autohaler
6. Further information

Qvar Autohaler contains beclometasone
dipropionate which is one of a group of
medicines known as corticosteroids.
Qvar Autohaler is used to prevent the
symptoms of mild, moderate or severe asthma
in patients who require regular treatment.
How your medicines works
 Qvar Autohaler works deep in your lungs to
make breathing easier by reducing the
inflammation, swelling and irritation in the
airways. This type of medicine is known as
a ‘preventer’. It needs to be taken regularly
every day, even if you have no symptoms.
 This inhaler will not give immediate relief of
wheezing or breathlessness during a
sudden asthma attack. You will need to use
a ‘reliever’ inhaler, which contains a
different medicine. You should still continue
to use this inhaler.

DO NOT use Qvar Autohaler if you:
 are allergic (hypersensitive) to
beclometasone dipropionate or any of the
other ingredients of this medicine.
 are suffering from a sudden attack of
breathlessness. It will not help. Use a
quick-acting ‘reliever’ inhaler for this
purpose and carry it with you at all times.
Take special care with Qvar Autohaler
Talk to your doctor before you start to use
this medicine if you:
 you are suffering from tuberculosis (TB)
now or have suffered from it in the past
 you are allergic to other similar inhalers
 you must avoid alcohol for any reason
 your asthma seems to be getting worse.
Perhaps you are more wheezy and short of
breath than usual, your ‘reliever’ inhaler
seems to be less effective, you require
more puffs from your ‘reliever’ inhaler than
usual, or you do not seem to be getting
better. Your doctor may need to increase
the dose of your steroid inhaler or give you
a course of steroid tablets, or change your
treatment altogether.
If you have an infection in your chest your
doctor may prescribe a course of

Important points to remember while you
are using this medicine:
 Your doctor may prescribe this inhaler to
replace steroid tablets, which may mean
that for a short time you have to take both
medicines. It is important to follow your
doctor’s advice. Whilst you are reducing the
number of steroid tablets that you take you
may feel generally unwell even though you
can breathe as well as normal or better. If
you have other allergies you may find that
stopping your steroid tablets makes them
worse. If this happens keep using your
inhaler and tell your doctor.
 If you have been treated for a long time with
high doses of inhaled steroid, you may
require a course of steroid tablets or
possibly a steroid injection in times of
stress. For example, during admission to
hospital after a serious accident, before an
operation, during an acute attack of asthma
or if you have a chest infection or other
serious illness. Your doctor will decide if
you need any extra steroid treatment and
will also advise you as to how long you
need to take the course of steroid tablets
and how you should reduce these as you
get better.
 There may be times when you need to take
steroid tablets as well as using your inhaler,
for example if you have worsening asthma
attacks, you get a chest infection or you
need an operation. Your doctor may give
you a small supply of steroid tablets to be
taken in these situations; if he does you will
be given full instructions on how and when
to take them. Contact your doctor
immediately if you think that you need to
take steroid tablets, even if you have your
own supply.
 You should have been given a steroid card
with this inhaler; if you have not, please ask
your pharmacist for one. Make sure you
carry your steroid card with you at all times
until your doctor decides that it is no longer
 Visit your doctor regularly for a review of
your condition.
 If you have to go into hospital, remember to
take all your inhalers and other medicines
with you.

Taking other medicines
 Please tell your doctor or pharmacist if you
are taking or have recently taken any other
medicines, including any medicines bought
without a prescription.

In particular tell your doctor if you are
 Disulfiram
 Metronidazole.

Pregnancy and breast-feeding
 If you are pregnant, planning to become
pregnant or are breast-feeding, ask your
doctor for advice before taking this

Driving and using machines
 Qvar Autohaler is not known to affect your
ability to drive or operate machinery.

Remember that it is important to take your
medicine as your doctor has told you. The
label should remind you of how many puffs
to take and how often.
This inhaler has a softer feel and a different
taste than CFC inhalers you may have used
before, because it is an extra fine aerosol
which results in more of each dose being
delivered to your lungs. Your doctor may
prescribe a lower dose of this inhaler than
your previous CFC beclometasone
dipropionate inhaler. Even when your doctor
has prescribed a lower dose, you may find
that the number of puffs you are asked to
take from this inhaler is the same as from
your previous CFC beclometasone
dipropionate inhaler; this is because this
inhaler may be a lower strength product
(which means that each puff of this new
inhaler contains less beclometasone
dipropionate than your old CFC
beclometasone dipropionate inhaler).
DO NOT take more puffs than your doctor
has told you to. In some circumstances,
your doctor may prescribe more than the
usual number of puffs. You should check with
your doctor or pharmacist if you are not sure.
The usual number of puffs to take is:

Qvar 50 Autohaler device
Adults (including the elderly) and
children over 12 years
 Mild Asthma
The starting dose is one puff twice a day.
This may be increased up to two puffs
twice a day.
 Moderate Asthma
The starting dose is two puffs twice a day.
This may be increased up to four puffs
twice a day
 Severe Asthma
The starting dose is four puffs twice a day.
This may be increased up to eight puffs
twice a day.
The maximum dose is a total of sixteen puffs
a day.

Qvar 100 Autohaler device
Adults (including the elderly) and
children over 12 years
 Mild to Moderate Asthma
The starting dose is one puff twice a day.
This may be increased up to two puffs
twice a day.
 Severe Asthma
The starting dose is two puffs twice a day.
This may be increased up to four puffs
twice a day.

The maximum dose is a total of eight puffs a
Children under 12 years
Qvar Autohaler is not recommended for use
in children under 12 years.

What to do if you think your treatment is
not working
If you think your usual treatment is not
working, for example your symptoms are not
getting better, or are getting worse, or you
need to use more puffs from your reliever
inhaler, or if your reliever inhaler does not
seem to be working as well as usual, or your
peak flow falls, please tell your doctor. Your
asthma may be getting worse.

If you use more of your Qvar Autohaler
than you should
It is important that you take your dose as
stated on the pharmacist’s label, or as
advised by your doctor. You should not
increase or decrease your dose without
seeking medical advice.
If you accidentally take more puffs than
recommended, please tell your doctor.

If you forget to use Qvar Autohaler
If you forget to use this inhaler at your
usual time, take your recommended
number of puffs as soon as you remember
unless it is nearly time to use your inhaler
again. DO NOT take a double dose to
make up for a forgotten dose. Then
continue to use your inhaler regularly at the
correct time, as prescribed by your doctor.

If you stop using Qvar Autohaler
This inhaler must be used regularly, even
when you feel well. You must not stop
using your inhaler unless your doctor tells
you to.
Ask your doctor for a prescription for a
replacement inhaler before this one is
empty. If your doctor decides to stop
treatment, return the inhaler to your doctor
or pharmacist for safe disposal.

Using your Qvar Autohaler device
Before using your inhaler, please read this
leaflet carefully and follow the instructions.
If you are not sure how to use the
inhaler device, ask your doctor or

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Source: Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency

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