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Active substance(s): FUCUS DRY EXTRACT 5:1

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Please read all of this leaflet carefully before you start taking this medicine.
Keep this leaflet. You may need to read it again. Ask your doctor or pharmacist
if you need more information or advice.
known as anticoagulants (e.g. warfarin).
In this leaflet:
If you are taking these medicines you
should not take Adios Max.
1. What Adios Max is and
You should also not take Adios Max
what it is used for
if you are taking any medicines for a
2. Before you take Adios Max
thyroid disorder. Tell your doctor before
3. How to take Adios Max
taking this medicine if you are taking any
4. Possible side effects
other medicines, including any bought
5. How to store Adios Max
without a prescription.
6. Further information
Pregnancy and breast feeding: Do not
take Adios Max if you are pregnant or
breast feeding.
1. What Adios Max is and what
Driving and using machinery: Taking
it is used for
this product is not known to affect your
• Adios Max is a traditional herbal
ability to drive or use machinery.
medicinal product used as an aid
to slimming as part of a calorie
Important information about two
controlled diet, based on traditional
of the ingredients of Adios Max:
use only.
The tablets contain 70mg of lactose
and 130mg sucrose. If you have been
• Adios Max contains extract
told by your doctor that you have an
of Bladderwrack (Fucus).
intolerance to some sugars (e.g.
2. Before you take Adios Max
lactose intolerance), discuss this with
Do not take Adios Max:
your doctor before taking this product.
• if you have a thyroid disorder.
• if you are allergic (hypersensitive)
3. How to take Adios Max
to any of the ingredients (as listed in
For oral use only.
section 6), or to iodine (each tablet
contains 144 micrograms of iodine).
When opening the container for the
first time, break the tamper evident
• if you are elderly or under 18
band around the flip-top cap.
years of age.
• if you are taking anticoagulant
For adults (18 years and above):
treatments (e.g. warfarin).
• Swallow one tablet 3 times
• if you are taking any other medicines or
a day, usually at mealtimes.
dietary supplements containing iodine.
• Use Adios Max as part of
Using other medicines: Adios Max can
a calorie controlled diet
theoretically have an important effect on
combined with extra exercise.
medicines for thinning the blood, also


Bladderwrack extract 120mg

Like all medicines, Adios Max may
cause side effects for some people.
Particularly if you take high doses or if
you take the tablets too often, diarrhoea
may occur. If this happens, stop taking
Adios Max and drink plenty of fluids.
If your symptoms get serious, or if you
notice any side effect not listed in this
leaflet, stop taking the tablets and tell
your doctor, pharmacist or qualified
healthcare practitioner.
Reporting of side effects
If you get any side effects, talk to
your doctor, pharmacist or nurse.
This includes any possible side effects
not listed in this leaflet. You can also
report side effects directly via the Yellow
Card Scheme at:
yellowcard. By reporting side effects
you can help provide more information
on the safety of this medicine.

5. How to store Adios Max
• Keep out of the reach and sight
of children.
• Do not use Adios Max after the
expiry date shown on the container
and outer carton. The expiry date
refers to the last day of that month.
• This product does not require any
special storage conditions.
• Always close the cap tightly after use.

6. Further information about
Adios Max
What Adios Max contains: Each coated
tablet contains 120mg of extract (as dry
extract) from Bladderwrack thallus (Fucus
vesiculosus L.) (5:1) Extraction solvent
30% methanol.
The other ingredients are:
Tablet core: lactose monohydrate,
sodium starch glycollate, calcium
hydrogen phosphate dihydrate (E341),
talc, magnesium stearate.
Tablet coating: titanium dioxide (E171),
talc, kaolin light, sucrose, acacia, shellac.
What Adios Max looks like and
contents of the pack: The tablets
are circular, glossy and white. They
are available in white plastic packs
containing 100 tablets.
The Traditional Herbal Registration
Holder is: Diomed Herbals, Hitchin,
Herts, SG4 7QR, UK.
The Manufacturer is: Aeropak,
Viking Road, Great Yarmouth,
Norfolk, NR31 0NU, UK.
This leaflet was last revised in:
October 2014.
To listen to or request a copy of this
leaflet in Braille, large print or audio,
please call free of charge:
0800 198 5000 (UK only).
Please be ready to give the following
information: Adios Max tablets,
THR 17418/0028. This is a service
provided by the Royal National
Institute of Blind People.

Certification Mark


4. Possible side effects

• Medicines should not be disposed
of via wastewater or household
waste. Ask your pharmacist how
to dispose of medicines no longer
required. These measures will help
to protect the environment.


If you take more Adios Max tablets
than you should: If you feel unwell
consult your doctor. An overdose
may lead to thyroid disorders.
If you forget to take Adios Max: Do not
worry if you occasionally forget to take
this product, just carry on taking the
recommended dose when you remember.
Do not take any extra tablets to make
up for those you may have forgotten.
If you have any further questions on
the use of this product, ask your doctor,
pharmacist or qualified healthcare

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