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Active substance(s): ACARBOSE

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The recommended dose is one 50 mg tablet or
two 50 mg tablets or one 100 mg tablet taken with
meals three times a day. However, when you first
start your treatment, your doctor may recommend
that you take your tablets once or twice a day
before increasing your dose to three times a day. 70.71 lpi 45.00° 26-01-2016 10:49:45
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By not following with the prescribed diet, intestinal
side effects (e.g. diarrhoea, flatulence) may
intensify. In case you are complying with the
prescribed diabetic diet and these side effects
appear or get worse, you should contact your


In addition, side effects like liver disorder,
abnormal liver function and liver injury have been
reported. Individual cases of a rapidly progressive
and fatal form of liver injury have also been
reported, particularly from Japan.


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