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Vaginal Sores and Lumps

A blister or pimple (or collection of these) containing cloudy fluid (pus) may be from an infection of a hair follicle. A collection of several infected hairs is named folliculitis, which is a form of staph or strep infection. One large pimple that is an infected hair follicle is called a furuncle (boil). A furuncle in the genital area may be from a type of acne  named hidradenitis suppurativa. Your doctor may need to treat you with antibiotics if you have one of these infections.

Pimples at the edge of a red rash may be caused by a yeast infection. The yeast infection that is most common in the vaginal area is "candidiasis."

Blisters with clear fluid or skin ulcers may be caused by contact dermatitis (sometimes from cosmetic products), but genital herpes is a much more common explanation. Even though you do not think you are at high risk for having a sexually passed infection, you should see your doctor for an evaluation if you have blisters or skin ulcers in the vaginal area.

Very rarely, an ulcer on the skin near the vagina can be caused by cancer.


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