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Helping Dry Skin

The following are some conditions related to dry skin

  • Atopic dermatitis - a type of eczema that comes and goes repeatedly and usually occurs in people who have a genetic (inherited) tendency to have allergies.

  • Eczema - the most common type of dermatitis (inflammation of the skin). When it develops into a long-term condition (chronic eczema), it leads to skin thickening, scaling, flaking, dryness and color changes.

  • Ichthyosis - a condition where the skin cells accumulate into thick flakes that adhere to the body, and can resemble fish scales.

  • Keratosis pilaris - a skin condition most common on the sides of the upper arms and is characterized by small pimple-like rough bumps of the hair follicles. It is caused by plugging of the hair follicle openings by keratin and is exacerbated by dry skin.

  • Psoriasis - a chronic skin disorder that produces scaling and inflammation.

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