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Step 4: Read and complete the decision guide to learn more about your symptoms.


Since you have reported bleeding or fever along with your diarrhea, you may have inflammation within your bowel. You need an urgent evaluation by your doctor.

Inflammation in the bowel can result from medications that irritate the intestine lining, from an infection, from a cancer, or from an autoimmune problem (an attack by your own immune system).

If your symptoms have been persistent or recurrent, an autoimmune cause may fit well as an explanation. Diarrhea can result if your immune system attacks your own bowel, a problem called "inflammatory bowel disease." Most inflammatory bowel disease is eventually identified as one of two conditions: "Crohn's disease" or "ulcerative colitis."

Inflammatory bowel disease is more likely to fit as an explanation for your diarrhea if you are a young adult, although older adults can develop inflammatory bowel disease as well.

You should have a thorough evaluation of your bowel, including a camera-guided inspection of your colon that can check for cancer and for inflammation.

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